2019 New Item: VITT

2019 New Item: VITT

OGK KABUTO (Japan) - "VITT" the New Standard with a Visor.

Functions & Technology:

Shield of Minimal Interference with Eye Wear:

The shield (AR-3) is packaged as a standard accessory. The shield is easy to attach or detach by magnets, and well-thought-out design to accommodate eye wear. 

Compact Design, Smaller Silhouette:

Achieved the compact, less-loud form design with the superior safety character retained. Moderate and smaller silhouette will give comfort even for entry helmet users.

One-Notch-Above Embracing Fitting:

XF-8 Adjuster has a sphere shape support portion which is flexible with proper spring tension, and embraces rear head so well that you will appreciate a one-notch-above fitting comfort.

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