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Safety Meets Style.

Pursuing New Innovation with Safety and Style The helmet created by remarkable technology and uncompromising quality to protect your life and to boost your identiy. OGK KABUTO's helmets are created and innovated by those two concepts.

OGK KABUTO develops unique products based on the safety. OGK KABUTO manufactures a wide range of helmets from children to elders and from beginners to professionals. We take safety as the universal value and style as the corresponding value. When they encounter, OGK KABUTO products are to be created.

The Quality of Heart.

To pursue developing the best products and producing the one satisfies professionals, OGK KABUTO always keeps in mind that we can make even better one. This challenging sprit has been motivating us to develop more than 100 kinds of helmets. OGK KABUTO takes the words, "The Quality of Heart" as the mind slogan. For safety and for trust. OGK KABUTO further progress together with you as a manufacturer.


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Cycling Helmets and Accessories.

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