The New Race C45 Disc, Now with Centerlock Discs and Prepared to use Tubeless or “Normal” Tires

The New Race C45 Disc, Now with Centerlock Discs and Prepared to use Tubeless or “Normal” Tires

New Race (Portugal) - A Carbon low profile Disc brake wheel, with every advantage of the Carbon 45 C, and improved stiffness to ensure safety with the increase of braking power. Perfect to exceed your limits without compromising safety.


Comfort and Control:

Full carbon rim for superior lateral stiffness, and improved impact absorption, increased riding quality, a clear difference on how the bike feels, providing a smoother ride over rough road surfaces

Super light:

The rotating masses at the end of the spoke are especially reduced, allowing to accelerate faster, and using less energy climbing, with the super light rim from New Race. Bringing benefits to both acceleration and braking performance.

High-end 150T engagement:

150 Teeth freehub system for faster response. The design allows a faster engagement mechanism and an higher contact area. The drive and driven rings are made of heat-treated stainless-steel and have 150-points and 3 pawls of 7 teeth of simultaneous engagement. Boost that response time.

Sapim excellence:

A close relationship with many teams and passionate riders ensure that Sapim products are race proven with optimum stiffness and reliability. The belgium quality associated with Portuguese construction.

The lowest inertia:

Unbeatable climbing qualities, on a pro-level ride with the lightest Alloy/Carbon rim to face the mountain. The rotating masses reduced, allowing faster acceleration, with less energy due to a super light rim from New Race. Better acceleration and braking performance.

Race performer:

From climbing to flats an optimized 38mm rim balanced between weight and drag. built around the reliability and quick engagement of our 150 hubs.

Braking control:

That extra brake power requires an optimized brake torque distribution with 24 spokes front and rear, available with thru-axle or quick release. The future of performance road wheelsets.

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