The New Coluer Wizard

The New Coluer Wizard
Coluer Bicycles (Spain) – Press Release: Our latest XC-Trail machine is ready to devour trails, roads and single-tracks. More fun, agile and stable, due to a new suspension system, which together with its studied geometry and its reactive chassis, will give you a driving experience that will surely amaze you!

Features / Technologies:

High Modulus HMC Carbon Frame:
The high modulus fibers (HM) are characterized by being more elastic than the type (HR), the main advantage is the great capacity of absorption of vibrations to which the bicycles are subjected

Articulated Single Pivot Rear Triangle:
Rear triangle system with an articulated single pivot made of carbon, the rear axle and the frame join at a single rotation point, thus maintaining the trajectory of the path in a circular manner

Direct Link Linkage:
Mechanized aluminum linkage located at an optimal turning point with which it is possible to attach the rear triangle to the shock absorber, avoiding interferences and increasing progressivity

Integrated Tapered Steering:
The vast majority of our frames regardless of the range, including the carbon range, use the same technology: it is a steering tube with a tapered structure, which being wider at the bottom stabilizes and eliminates flexion in the front area of the bicycle. The steering bearings are inserted inside the tube, which reduces wear and the 
build-up of dirt

Internal Cable Routing:
The different cables pass through the interior of the frame through guides, this system isolates them and protects them against dirt, providing a much smoother operation and cleaner aesthetics

UD Carbon Frame:
Carbon frame composed of interlaced unidirectional toray fibers: the composition, direction and volume of the carbon layers vary according to the areas of the frame where they are applied, reinforcing the points of the frame subject to greater fatigue, decreasing flexion and absorbing the vibrations and blows that the bicycle can suffer

Rear Shock With Remote Lockout:
By means of a lever located on the handlebar, you can lock and unlock the rear shock's damping without having to get off the bike (depending on the model)

Fork With Remote Lockout:
By means of a lever located on the handlebar, you can lock and unlock the fork's damping without having to get off the bike (depending on the model)

Boost System:
Frames designed with a rear axle width of 148mm.
This system allows the use of wider hubs with a displacement of 3mm towards the outside of each side, this technology allows to create more solid wheels that help to better support a diameter of 29, 27.5, or 27.5 plus.
The boost system significantly improves, among many other aspects, handling in a curve, with a greater poise and stability of your bicycle

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Coluer 4.1:

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