Ortre Century Storage Cage - A Better Storage Solution For Cyclists

Ortre Century Storage Cage - A Better Storage Solution For Cyclists
Ortre (Australia) – Press Release: A carbon fibre water bottle cage that also holds a storage canister to stow your cycling gear.

A simple storage solution for cycling:
Stowing all your riding essentials has always been a problem. We have never found the perfect saddle bag, and the less you have to carry in your jersey pockets the better.

Our solution is the Ortre Century Storage Cage. This carbon fibre storage cage has been designed to hold a storage canister as well as a water bottle. So, you can simply store things such as your repair kit within the confines of your bicycle frame, without detracting from the aesthetics of your bike.

The Century Storage Canister can fit a spare tube, tyre levers, Co2 canister, inflator and a multitool, the basic kit we believe every cyclist should taking out on every ride. We have also created a neoprene sleeve to fit into the canister to eliminate any rattling that may occur. We know everyone loves a quiet ride.

The storage canister provides water proof protection, so your kit will be in good condition when you need it. You could also store gels and bars, a gilet, arm warmers, money and ID, or any other cycling essentials. With access as easy as removing a water bottle.

As cyclists we inherently worry about adding weight to our bike, the carbon fibre Storage cage is definitely no issue, at only 49 grams it's of similar weight to many standard water bottle cages. The matching single water bottle cage comes in at a feathery 26 grams.

The Ortre Century Storage cage will fit in most frames in a variety of configurations, either on the down tube or seat tube, with a matching standard water bottle cage. Or you can even use two storage cages to have extra storage capacity for those longer days in the saddle.

There have been lots of new storage devices on the market lately, as people realise the struggle cyclists have to stow their gear. There are products ranging from very basic straps to cages that store a dedicated tool. We believe that our system is the most comprehensive in design, and the most flexible in use.

Risks and challenges:
We have logged up extensive CAD time and gone through in excess of 15 prototypes to get to the finalised design. Tooling has all ready been created, tested and used to create the final production samples, which have been tested both in house and on the road. We are confident this product will perform to the high standards that cyclists demand.

Our production will be based in Taiwan with factories who are not only experts in their field of production, but as well as experts in the cycling industry.

We are seeking funding to get the first production run under way. Shipping cartons have been designed, and are ready to be produced. And we are confident we can supply the first production in one month.

All we need is your backing.


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