Selle Royal launched the New eZone e-Bike Saddle

Selle Royal launched the New eZone e-Bike Saddle
Selle Royal (Italy) – "In the e-bike sector, the detail that makes all the difference has finally arrived. It is called eZone, the new saddle from Selle Royal intended to make e-bike riding even more comfortable. If we consider the enormous popularity the e-bike has gained, in recent years, among those who ride one in the city and those who ride on dirt tracks, we can see that ease of use has not always matched comfort and safety: the power provided by the forward jolt when accelerating is not the same as a normal bike, just as the weight of the entire bike is not the same as that of a traditional bike. Therefore, the risk of losing your balance is one of the most common disadvantages of pedal-assisted systems", shared Selle Royal.

"After finding in Designworks, the branch of the BMW Group that deals with design and creativity, the best partner for researching the ideal solution, Selle Royal combined Italian research into functionality and comfort with German experience in design and innovation: this led to eZone, a cutting-edge saddle specifically designed based on the features of the e-bike. The new arrival at Selle Royal is the result of the initial study of these three specific needs: acceleration support, comfort and manoeuvrability", added the company.

"In the last two years, Selle Royal has focused on this ambitious project: it has studied the features of the new pedalling system on different groups of people. It has identified the reasons and requirements of those who choose an e-bike and has designed, with Designworks, the most suitable features to ensure comfort, control and safety for everyone in selecting the best materials and technologies to make the saddle of the future", concluded Selle Royal.

  • A three-dimensional gel structure (3D Skingel) that reduces pressure peaks by up to 40%, guaranteeing comfort for the rider
  • Three zones fitted with flexible tabs, in specific shapes and dimensions, which provide increased stability and safety when accelerating (Acceleration control)
  • A specifically studied design to prevent retraction of the riding position and to help anyone who gets on a bike (eFit design)
  • A fibreglass grip integrated in the support (eGrip) to facilitate moving the bike by hand in a simple and practical way and improving its manoeuvrability


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