Selle Italia Watt: Comfort and Efficieny to Improve your Performance

Selle Italia Watt: Comfort and Efficieny to Improve your Performance

Selle Italia (Italy) - The entire essence of this new product from Selle Italia is given in its name, Watt. An innovative saddle created for the triple discipline and designed with twice IRONMAN® world champion, Patrick Lange, and the professionals from the BMC-Vifit Triathlon Team.

The result of years of research by the R&D department at Selle Italia, Watt meets the needs of the most demanding triathletes, guaranteeing an increase in cycling efficiency, greater comfort and a saddle that maximises performance.

The name is taken from the unit of power, but the new Watt from Selle Italia is more than that: it is a saddle that allows triathletes to cycle with greater efficiency, also thanks to the saddle’s high performance and extreme comfort, three essential parameters for those who take part in triathlons. Watt is the latest news from Selle Italia for the triple discipline and was developed, over years of research and testing, with Patrick Lange, 2017 and 2018 Ironman world champion, and with pro-athletes from the BMC-Vifit Triathlon Team.

One saddle, two versions:

A saddle characterised by an improved shape, available in two versions: Watt Kit Carbon Superflow with carbon rail for the maximum performance, and Watt Gel Superflow with TI316 rail and a layer of gel inside the padding – in the front – for greater saddle comfort. Both saddles have a central Superflow cutout and come in one size (U3) idmatch.

The body of the Watt saddle has a rail (the frame under the saddle which attaches to the seat post) which is 10 millimetres longer than traditional saddles, thus allowing even more precise adjustments to be made to the time trial position.

The details make the difference:

Following input from the professional athletes who collaborated in the development of the Watt saddle, to ensure the saddle’s superior stability and to deliver greater cycling efficiency, the “nose” on the Watt has been widened to 50 millimetres and the saddle’s “cover” has an insert in High Grip material, with an anti-slip function. The ideal sitting point, where the saddle measures 133mm in width, has been moved further back in order to allow a greater sidecut of the saddle and to increase comfort when pushing.

Furthermore, a Rack Rubber Insert has been put into the lower part of the “nose” which coincides with the bike’s point of support on the racks in the triathlon change-over area: a support, easily recognisable by the red in the Kit Carbon Superflow model and the grey for the Watt Gel Superflow, which makes the support safe whilst protecting the saddle from any impacts.

The analysis of the Watt saddle ends with the results from the scales: the Kit Carbonio Superflow weighs just 200 grammes, whilst the TI316 – the Watt Gel Superflow – weighs 235 grammes.

The Watt Range:

  • Watt Kit Carbonio Superflow
  • Watt Gel Superflow


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