Protera: Ride Safe during your Off Road Adventures

Protera: Ride Safe during your Off Road Adventures
Rudy Project (Italy) – The brand new Protera is an helmet conceived to deliver unsurpassed comfort and protection for your all mountain adventures. The helmet triple shell construction is designed to enhance the coverage of the neck and the lower part of the head.

Superior Fit Factor:
Drawing from year of experience in the helmets comfort, Protera features a customized wraparound fit thanks to its shape and the easy-to-adjust RSR 9 retention system which offers micro-metric regulations in height and width to provide a perfect personal fit.

Easy Washable Strap System:
The Protera’s killer feature is the revolutionary lock system that allows a simple and user friendly removal of the straps. Thanks to the Easy Washable Strap System, you can now clean the straps after rides, change them when worn out, or easily interchange them with optional colors for a unique custom look.

Comfort and Ventilation:
Protera’s 18 Vents and the frontal airframe band ensure constant ventilation. The frontal airframe is designed to accelerate the sweat evaporation process. The airframe’s net structure boost air circulation between the helmet liner and the padding accelerating the sweat evaporation and avoiding the release of unpleasant smells. Protera comes out with the bugstop padding and the free pads.

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