Protect your Eyes with Limar

Protect your Eyes with Limar

Limar S.r.L. (Italy) - Press Release: Limar always gives to Protection highest priority: both for your head, and for your eyes, offering a wide range of helmets and sport glasses in different models and colours.

Today we want to discover together the performing and racing models S9, and F90, along with the F30 model, ideal for sports and leisure.

These models have been selected by the GAZPROM-RUSVELO TEAM. 

Limar S9:

Sports model with an essential design, suitable for all cycling disciplines, especially racing. Superlight only 23 gr, perfectly in line with the helmets of the AIR REVOLUTION collection.

One piece shield for wide vision, which broadly covers the entire eye area for total protection from the sun and any obstacle (wind, rain, sand and other debris).

The little weight is evenly distributed between the ears and the nose. The super-light temples are made of elastic composite material and highly resistant to breakage (Grilamid TR90), while the nose and the end are made of triple injection rubber without any metal parts that could cause problems in contact with the skin.
Protective lens in high resistance polycarbonate, with anti-scratch treatment and special matt effect border finish.

Limar F90:

One piece shield with appealing design for this model, with a solid and protective structure. The ventilation holes on the lens guarantee effective ventilation and perfect visibility.

The structure is made of elastic composite material and highly resistant to breakage (Grilamid TR90) while the protective lens is made of high-strength polycarbonate, with anti-scratch treatment and mirrored finish.

Limar F30:

A multipurpose model perfect both for sports and for leisure, to be worn before or after competitions and during training.

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