ESI Grips Releases Newest Limited Color

ESI Grips Releases Newest Limited Color
ESI Grips (USA) – ESI Grips has officially released the second color of their limited edition grips, ESI Grips Limited, in Seafoam! This color can be seen on bikes and gear everywhere this year.

This is a limited edition colored grip available in Racer’s Edge, Chunky, Extra Chunky, FIT CR, FIT XC and soon FIT SG. Seafoam will be available in limited quantities and will only be available while supplies last.

These grips are made of ESI Grips' world-renowned 100% Silicone and offer all the same great benefits of Silicone that ESI has been offering to cyclists since 1999. They are also proudly made in the USA and manufactured by ESI themselves.

ESI Grips Limited have already shipped to distributors world-wide and can also be found on their website.

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