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Oreka Training (Spain)

Oreka Training is a young company that has joint the experience of bicycle industry and automotive industry to bring the next generation of indoor training.

Oreka O2 trainer is the first product of a complete range that will bring the road indoor for a perfect training

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Oreka O2 Trainer is a new PATENTED system that brings the road home.

Easy system: The bicycle only must be placed on the Trainer and as soon as the rider start pedalling, the system starts working.

Oreka O2 Trainer doesn’t work as an standard running treadmill. The rider moves the belt and has the complete control of thespeed. The Trainer is not moving the belt.

Oreka O2 Trainer communicate in a bidirectional way with Bkool software. You will control the speed and the power with Bkool software, and the Oreka electronics will control the hardness of your pedalling according to the selected session.

Oreka O2 Trainer includes 3 months of BKOOL PREMIUM, this way you can ride in a virtual way any place in the world from home.

The three main advantages of our Trainer:
O2 Trainer benefit is that you’re balancing the bike like normal, able to rock it back and forth for sprints, stand up naturally and generally act as though you’re outdoors.
O2 Trainer resistance is currently 750 watts at low speed, which is what you’d need to simulate any climb in the world.
To ride it just start pedalling like you are on the road. To stop just stop pedalling and brake like on the road. Oreka sensors guarantees a safe training.

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