Your Wait is Over. WaveCel is Here

Your Wait is Over. WaveCel is Here

Trek (United States) - WaveCel: the biggest advancement in the protection against cycling concussions.

Trek and Bontrager have partnered with WaveCel to create a helmet technology that disrupts 30 years of accepted safety standards. You only get one brain. It's worth protecting.

What is WaveCel?

WaveCel is a revolutionary, Bontrager-exclusive helmet technology that's up to 48x more effective than standard foam helmets in preventing concussions.

Nearly 99 out of 100 times, WaveCel can help prevent concussions. Standard foam helmets? Not so much.

Cool and comfortable:

The best helmet is one that doesn't distract you when you're riding. WaveCel helmets are extensively tested in the wind tunnel for air flow.

Nothing outweighs safety:

Gram for gram, WaveCel punches way above its weight when it comes to protection. This revolutionary safety tech adds only 53g on average to Bontrager helmets.

Dial your fit:

WaveCel helmets are engineered to fit and feel great. They're easy to adjust with a single Boa dial and the included fit pads, and every one has a uniform dome shape developed from over 150 studies on what feels best in helmets.

Find your WaveCel helmet:

Bontrager WaveCel helmets offer the best in high-performance protection and comfort, and there's an option for every rider.

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