Want to Ride Faster? Introducing Hyper Roll Ceramic BBs!

Want to Ride Faster? Introducing Hyper Roll Ceramic BBs!

VCRC Bike (United States) - Press Release: In 2004 we released our first ceramic bottom bracket, it was one of the first ceramic bottom brackets available on the market and it quickly became popular among amateur and pro racers alike. This BB would set the bar for performance for the next decade. In 2013 we released a new ceramic bottom bracket built with Racing Cream that once again set the bar for performance! Now, in 2019 we would like to introduce you to our all new HYPER ROLL Ceramic Bottom Bracket.

Reducing friction an amazing 33% compared to our racing cream model (and 50% compared to our standard speed cream model), this BB is not only noticeably faster than our previous model, it's faster than every other ceramic bottom bracket available today! 

What is HYPER ROLL? We apply a special coating to the races which does two things. First it reduces frictions as the balls and races run on a coated surface. A reduction in friction equals a faster bearing which obviously means you will be able to ride faster! Second, it improves durability, which considering our already durable ceramic bearings means one of the most, if not the most durable ceramic bearings on the market!

HYPER ROLL Ceramic bottom brackets are built with RACING CREAM, our fastest and best grease, which provides the slickest grease to turn on our coated surface.

We are currently working to get all of our bottom brackets available in HYPER ROLL. Demand from dealers has been so strong that some models are sold out. We will add more models as they become available. 

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