Unveiling the All New M Series Components from Enve

Unveiling the All New M Series Components from Enve
Enve (USA) – Press Release: M Series Components. Ride. Quality.

Enhanced control:

Regardless of whether you float over obstacles with a light touch, or pound through rock gardens with heels down and heavy hands, you will find an M Series bar designed for how you control your bike.

Unparalleled Strengh:

M Series carbon bodied stems are not only stronger and lighter than aluminum stems, they absorb vibrations and chatter, and tie together the look and style of your carbon mountain bike.

Control and Response. Guaranteed:
Your bar and stem provide the leverage to control the front wheel and act as the first barrier against impacts and vibration at the grips - your most important contact point.

ENVE carbon fiber handlebars and stems are much more than steering devices; their light weight sparks instant reaction, and their precisely engineered feel enhances confidence on the bike. Fit either one individually and you will feel the ENVE advantage; fit both and you will discover that perfect connection between you and the trail.

Flex Tuning:
ENVE carbon laminate is tuned to achieve that elusive sweet spot – light and strong in the lab, smooth and responsive on the trail.

Carbon allows us to control the material thickness and fiber orientation of our bars. Combined with carefully refined tapers and bends, we can control how each bar deflects and absorbs energy on the trail. We call this process flex tuning.

31.8mm Bars:
31.8mm bars are tuned for trail riders who prefer lighter response and a smoother feel that matches their carve and flow style.

35mm Bars:
35mm bars are tuned for aggressive riders who demand a wide bar and precision steering for their looser, drift and slash riding style.

That Perfect Fit - Bars have grown wider:

It may seem like a simple thing to address evolving bar widths with a cut-to-length design, but so many of the subtle details that define bar performance are connected to design width. We take the width of our bars very seriously.

The Width of a Bar is Tied To Stiffness:
Mountain bike handlebars require adequate stiffness to provide responsiveness and control on the trail. At the same time, a bar that is cut will feel increasingly stiff at the grips as it gets shorter. So, design width is critical to creating the proper flex-tune for your bar. The widest bars also tend to be used on more aggressive bikes, so the desired bend angles and bar clamp diameters can vary based on these factors.

Each enve bar is tuned for ride quality at its width:
You will notice a reduction in the number of cut marks on these bars versus the previous generation ENVE bars and many other bars on the market. These marks indicate the suggested cut range that will preserve the precisely tuned ride feel of each bar.

That Perfect Fit:

M Series components address the variety in demand for reach and stack heights with a smartly curated line of bars. Are you looking for a low-rise enduro bar for that big 29er? No problem. How about a high-rise bar to make up for that short headtube? We got it.

Real options mean you have just the right choices to build that dream ride.

Real Options:
The bend angles of a riser bar are identified as SWEEP (or back-sweep) and TIP (or up-sweep).

We offer our Trail-Rated bars in a classic 9º bend for the M5 and a 9º/5º bend for our M6 risers.

As stems get shorter and bars get wider, riders tend to prefer a flatter bar. As such we have developed our Gravity-Rated M7 and M9 bars with an 8º/4º bend.

Reaching New Terrain:
Bicycle geometry continues to evolve in a consistent direction; longer and lower, bigger wheels and higher volume tires. M Series complements today’s bikes with real options.

We offer our M7 Series, 35mm clamp diameter, zero-rise stems in lengths of 35, 50, and 65mm.

The M6 Series, 31.8mm clamp diameter, +/- 6º stems are available in lengths of 40, 55, 70 and 85mm.

Rating Carbon Bars:
Mountain bike riding is an abusive sport. Every part must be exceptionally strong, like our Trail-Rated bars with their proven record in aggressive terrain. But if you watch today’s downhill and enduro racers, they are on another level, so we offer the Gravity-Rated M7 and M9 Series bars that have an additional 50% impact toughness and 30% ultimate strength compared to our already strong M5 and M6 trail bars.

But being strong is not enough, ENVE bars must also be light enough to provide immediate response on the trail. ENVE bars are lightweight, but rest assured, because it is M Series you not only have our warranty on craftsmanship, but we extend your coverage to include impacts from riding.

Unparalleled Strengh:
We build exceptionally light stems. We get it when a rider sees the listed weight of our products and decides to take a pass. When you ride hard, you take chances on the trail, not in the bike shop.

What most riders don’t know is that a carbon bodied stem, properly designed, can be nearly unbreakable. Our new M7 stem is so strong that we were forced to recalibrate our test lab in order to find its limits.

So while we can’t walk you through our test lab, we can show you our confidence with our warranty on craftsmanship and impact damage.

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