The New Charger Mixte. Freedom from the outset

The New Charger Mixte. Freedom from the outset
Riese & Müller (Germany) – Press Release: The New Charger Mixte lets you feel a new sense of freedom. The design advancement of the Charger Mixte is imbued with the latest German engineering skill – and a fully integrated Bosch PowerTube battery in the down tube. The colour scheme with sharp dividing lines further emphasises the sportiness of the Mixte frame, which unlike the normal New Charger has a lowered top tube. The extremely rigid frame is extraordinarily robust and reliable, even when taken off road. The New Charger Mixte offers maximum freedom – even on the daily commute to work.

Drive - The Bosch system:
Reliable, performance-oriented and innovative – these are the standards to which we hold our E-Bikes, as well as all components and especially the drive system. That's why all Riese & Müller E-Bikes are equipped with the industry-leading Bosch drive system.

Integrated battery - Power from within:
The highlight of the New Charger Mixte is its innovative Bosch PowerTube battery, which is fully integrated into the down tube. When it needs to be charged it can be removed with one hand or charged directly on the bike. To remove the battery, the down tube has a plastic cover so that the tube remains hermetically sealed while you ride, protecting its internals from moisture and stone chipping.

DualBattery - Twice the range. Twice the riding pleasure:
Riese & Müller is doubling the range of its E-Bikes with DualBattery technology. In addition to the Bosch PowerTube battery, which is fully integrated into the frame, a standard battery is placed on the down tube. This increases battery capacity to an incredible 1,000 Wh. Our engineers have cleverly integrated the second battery into the frame triangle so that the additional weight has no noticeable impact on riding behaviour. Besides being able to go twice as far on long trips, you no longer have to worry about your range in your day-to-day riding either. For technical reasons, the DualBattery technology is only available for the New Charger Mixte in the 49 cm frame size.

Frame design - E-Bike at second glance:
The frame of the New Charger Mixte has everything covered: exclusive design with familiar contours, remarkable engineering skill and – the battery. Easily overlooked at first glance because it fits perfectly into the overall image, the fully integrated Bosch PowerTube delivers just as much power as external batteries. The colour concept of the frame emphasises the sportiness with sharp dividing lines and gives the New Charger Mixte a fast and agile look despite its relatively wide frame cross section.

Cable routing in the frame - Everything in the frame:
On the New Charger Mixte models, every detail is highly functional. Even the design. Because the cables are concealed in the frame. The superbly finished frame thus comes into its own and all key technical components are well protected.

Elevated chainstay - Practical can be this beautiful:
The New Charger Mixte strives for greater things – this can even be seen in the chainstay. It brings clear advantages besides a sporty look. In versions with a conventional chain it prevents the chain chipping the metal frame. The elevated position of the chainstay also allows for a configuration with a low-maintenance carbon belt drive.

Carbon belt drive - Simple. Indestructible:
Anyone riding an E-Bike with a carbon belt drive from Gates is at peace. And in two ways. Because on the one hand the innovative drive offers a wonderfully smooth ride and great riding comfort. At the same time it is unbelievably low-maintenance and performs its tasks with the utmost reliability. In all models the carbon belt drive is fitted with a NuVinci gear.

Suspension fork and suspension seatpost - Turns gravel tracks into freshly asphalted roads:
Cobbles can be as difficult to negotiate as any route out in the wild. The parallelogram-shaped sprung seatpost and sensitive suspension fork offer so much comfort that you'll barely feel any bumps. Depending on the weight of the rider and the degree of comfort preferred, there are three levels of seatpost suspension to choose from. The parallelogram-shaped sprung seatpost is not fitted to the New Charger Mixte mountain.

Hydraulic disc brakes - The fastest route to a standstill:
Considering all the technical improvements the bike has gone through over the last 100 years: strong, reliable brakes are still essential. That is why we use hydraulic Shimano Deore, Deore XT or Magura MT-4 disc brakes, depending on the model, which guarantee maximum control in any situation and any weather. Their large brake discs allow the braking effect to be optimally applied as needed. They don’t produce rim wear and impress with their consistent braking performance.

Turns night owls into clairvoyants:
Ride with excellent road illumination at all times with the E3 LED headlamps from Supernova or the IQ-X headlamps from Busch & Müller on the HS models and the New Charger Mixte mountain. Only daylight is brighter than their exceptional brightness. They are operated via the Bosch display, while the energy is supplied via the battery. The HS models feature permanent lighting.

With no holder, there’s no holding back:
A water bottle on the E-Bike, but without a bottle cage attached. This technical feat is revolutionary. The front cover plate of the frame is equipped with two mounting studs on the right-hand side, specially designed for direct mounting of the cageless water bottle from Fabric. It doesn’t get any easier than this when it comes to keeping a bottle within perfect reach during a ride.

Safety, safely secured:
One thing is certain: with the New Charger Mixte you always have the ABUS Bordo folding lock at hand. With the integrated carrier mount it has its set place and comes as standard. It locks simultaneously with the battery lock, so you only need one key for your E-Bike. This is not only very practical, but it looks great too. On the New Charger mountain the lock is included with the optional carrier.

Model Options:
  • Charger Mixte GT touring
  • Charger Mixte GT touring HS
  • Charger Mixte touring
  • Charger Mixte touring HS
  • Charger Mixte Nuvinci
  • Charger Mixte Nuvinci HS
  • Charger Mixte GH Nuvinci
  • Charger Mixte GT Nuvinci HS
  • Charger Mixte Mountain

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