Take a look to the New E18 Fork from Motion Ride

Take a look to the New E18 Fork from Motion Ride

Motion Ride (France) – Press Release: The future’s now.

Numbers are limited: only 500 forks available:
Motion forks are now available to buy online! However, only 500 will be available on this first production series. Order in June for guaranteed delivery in September and to be sure you’ll be one of the first mountain bikers with this groundbreaking new product. The first E18s will be delivered in September, and E18+ at the end of the year.

More control, no maintenance:
A Motion fork is specially developed not to dive during braking. The fork keeps 100% of its available travel to absorb shocks in any situation. This noticeably improves comfort, grip and a feeling of security.

For an easier life, a Motion fork needs no maintenance and no ongoing adjustments once it is done. Set it up once and it’ll keep going happily for years to come.

We deliver throughout Europe, US and Canada. Please contact us for delivery to other countries.

Two week test period at home:
We’re so confident you’ll be bowled over by your new Motion fork that we’re offering a 15 day money back guarantee. If you’re not satisfied, you can send it back to us for a full refund. We have also put in place a fee free payment system for paying in 3 instalments rather than all at once.

Still need convincing? Brice Epailly, founder of Caminade, tested it for you, 3 years after having tested one of the first prototype: he enjoyed so much !

Two models, one new technology:
Our first series has two different models to choose from, each available in four colours. A 27.5” fork has 150-160-170mm travel and a 29”/27.5+ has 140-150-160mm travel.

This technology has been developed in France by Motion engineers, with three international patents filed. Unlike other MTB forks, a Motion fork will not dive during braking which reduces the available travel to absorb shocks and can destabilise the front of your bike. The improved handling will blow you away!

Standard assembly and simple settings make it easy to mount and tune.

The high quality materials and design mean that you won’t need to service your fork every year, it will stay the same as the day you bought it for years to come. Less time servicing, more time riding.

Motion E18:

Motion E18+

Special advantages for motion riders:
By buying a Motion fork you become a privileged member of the Motion Club. We created the Motion club to have a special connection with our first customers.

This gives you the opportunity to sponsor new members. If they give your email address when purchasing, you will get €100 credit on your account to use towards future purchases. Your new member will also receive a €50 credit.

First sales are limited to no more than 500 units, that are already getting reserved.

So don’t hang about, get out and shout.

4 colours available:


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