Swiss Side Launches New Aero Technologies with Patrick Lange and Laura Philipp

Swiss Side Launches New Aero Technologies with Patrick Lange and Laura Philipp

Swiss Side (Switzerland) - Press Release: A world first in cycling was unveiled by Swiss Side at the most recent aero development testing with Patrick Lange and Laura Philipp. Two new pressure measurement rake systems were put into action for the very first time. Once again these are technologies, which the Swiss Side aero team bring with them from their extensive experience from Formula 1 motorsport. These ‘rakes’ allow the aerodynamicists to measure the losses in the airflow behind the bike and rider, which enables them to precisely locate and understand the source of the aerodynamic drag. Like this, the reason for changes in the aero drag forces,which are measured, can be better understood and development can be channelled to areas where there is the most potential.

Jean-Paul Ballard, Swiss Side CEO says: “The pressure rakes literally double our measurement capability in the wind tunnel and also allow us to make on-road measurements to ensure that the performance we measure in the wind tunnel and in CFD, is delivered out on the road where it counts.”

The first of the two rake systems is installed in the wind tunnel and is connected to a roboticarm, actively scanning the pressure fields at preset heights and distances behind or around the bike and rider. The second rake system is directly mounted to the bike for on-road tests with the purpose of confirming the results measured in the wind tunnel. 

As part of the recent aero development session with Patrick Lange, measurements were made first in the wind tunnel and then the following day, out on the road at the Salzburgring race track. The measurements both confirmed the accuracy of the wind tunnel testing but also gave new insights into the areas where there is the most potential for reducing the aero drag and making Lange even faster.

Thanks also to our partner Canyon for providing a support team at the wind tunnel and race track test.

Patrick Lange was completely satisfied with the back-to-back test. "We are always looking for ways to go faster,” says Lange. “As my setup from the Ironman World Championship in Kona from 2018 was already fast, this was not an easy task. But, we succeeded! Such innovative concepts show how professional my partners Swiss Side and Canyon are, and how they are constantly searching for new ways to push the boundaries of what is possible."

All photos by Tino Pohlmann.

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