Swagtron EB-5 Electric Folding Bike - The Next Generation Urban Commuter

Swagtron EB-5 Electric Folding Bike - The Next Generation Urban Commuter
Swagtron (USA) – Press Release: We get it. Commuting isn’t always easy. Especially if you’ve got that last mile to cover after taking the train or bus or attend campuses with steep hills. If you’re looking for a boost to save your sweat on scorching summer days, then you’ve found the right folding e-bike.

The EB-5 combines a powerful motor with pedals to create the ultimate modern-day urban commuter. Speed up to 15.5 miles-per-hour up to 15.5 miles on full throttle to arrive early for work or explore city hotspots. You can also ride without e-assist to get your heart pumping. With the ability to pedal, your top speed and range are not limited by motor or battery life.

Thanks to this folding electric bike’s collapsible frame, it stores and travels with ease. Pack it inside compact cars or even carry it on the train or bus. The EB-5 is great for cruising sunny days on the pier, nights out in the urban jungle and everywhere your ride takes you. This folding bicycle is compact and light enough to carry up flights of stairs. If you live or work in multi-story buildings, it’s an easy alternative to larger, traditional bikes.

A battery indicator makes it easy to plan your trip and manage power output. Additionally, the EB-5’s seat is adjustable and removable so you can swap it out for your favorite saddle.

A one-year warranty backs the Swagtron EB-5 giving you the peace of mind to enjoy the ride.

Be sure to check your local laws regarding e-bike access on public trails, bike paths and roadways.

  • Pre-assembled: the electric bike already comes pre-assembled so you won’t have to waste time or money on complicated assembly
  • Height Adjustable for Adults and Teens: easily adjust the bicycle seat and handlebar height to find the perfect position for a comfortable ride
  • 14-inch wheels: air-filled rubber tires with quick-disconnect brake cables ensure a smooth ride and easy tire maintenance
  • 15.5-mile range: ride your folding bike on full throttle to cruise up to 15.5 miles on a single charge or farther based on transitions between power assist and pedaling
  • Fast Folding Design: the EB-5’s foldable bike frame can accommodate riders up to 264 pounds and folds three times so it fits inside compact vehicles, under desks, on subways and in other small spaces


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