Stay ahead of time with the New BMC Timemachine 01 Disc

Stay ahead of time with the New BMC Timemachine 01 Disc
BMC (Switzerland) – The new Timemachine 01 Disc is the ultimate triathlon machine, the most refined expression of pure aerodynamic performance featuring cutting-edge disc brake technology. It is a bike designed for progressive triathletes seeking the perfect synthesis of drag-defying aerodynamics, sublime handling and world-traveler functionality. Extended research enabled us to scope out and achieve extraordinary aerodynamics through innovative disc brake integration for improved handling and a confident ride on the most technically demanding courses.

A standout feature, the integrated caliper covers optimize airflow as it hits the bike, seamlessly woven into the frame design to achieve the class-leading integration that is the foundation of the Timemachine’s aero prowess. Along with an extensive rider positioning system and state-ofthe-art component integration, the Timemachine 01 Disc is the must-have bike for middle and long-distance triathlons or time trials.

Aerodynamic form:
The newly revised SubA concept deploys all of our aerodynamic advantages: 3:1 tubes with truncated profiles, integrated caliper covers, crosswind-stable tube shapes, a hinge-fork design, super lean frontal area and ultimate integration from front to back. Combined with a refined rider-positioning system, this machine is all about free speed. Long-course triathlons, time trials or solo efforts in wind-swept terrain, there’s no need to go slow.

Dependable handling, unmatched functionality:
Timemachine 01 Disc features complete disc brake integration to deliver superior handling and control on the most technical courses without compromising its aerodynamic performance. Disc brakes and thru axles improve functionality during international travel thanks to easy wheel changes and dependable brake-pad positioning.

Dual-purpose, rider-focused fit:
A lightning-fast frame is a good start – but adding a versatile, aerodynamic positioning system for the rider is what will break records. The Position-to-Perform (P2P) system lets triathletes find their ideal contact points without sacrificing aerodynamics, no matter how aggressive or conservative their front-end position.

Triathlon needs, prioritized:
Precision engineered for performance, this bike marries composure for crosswinds with speed for the straights, gives welcome versatility and adaptability for reach and stack, plus thru-axles for functionality. In short, it’s a triathlon and time trial bike that shoots and scores for multi-sport performance. If your race includes a bike split, this is the machine for you.

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