Ritchey International announces New Office Location

Ritchey International announces New Office Location
Ritchey (Switzerland) – The first floor of a non-descript office building in Grancia, Switzerland has been the busy hive of activity for Ritchey International since 1996. Over the past 21 years, the bicycle industry has changed, the Ritchey business has evolved and the local roads around the office have become incredibly choked with automobile traffic.

In an effort to better accommodate a changing work environment and to ease the commute for most office employees, Ritchey International will move its offices to the town of Mendrisio, Switzerland - about 20 minutes south of Grancia.

The new Mendrisio office will offer employees a more open workspace for better collaboration, a dedicated area for handling warranty claims and product testing, and a shower for employees who commute by bike or enjoy the legendary Ritchey International lunchtime rides.

"Not only has the bicycle business changed over the past 21 years since Ritchey International moved into the Grancia office, the basic concept of where and how people work has evolved as well. The new Mendrisio office will accommodate these changes," says Jeff Lockwood, international marketing manager. "We have more marketing and sales staff who work remotely. Yet these same people come to the office each month for face-to-face meetings. We needed flexible space to facilitate these interactions, and the more open workspace allows for better collaboration between all departments of the organization."

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