REPENTE launched 3 New Saddles - Aleena, Comptus and Kuma

REPENTE launched 3 New Saddles - Aleena, Comptus and Kuma
REPENTE (Italy) – The Italian start-up that produces upmarket saddles for road and mtb bikes just launched 3 new saddles to the market: Aleena, Comptus and Kuma (total weights: 130 gr – 135 gr – 145 gr).

“Our saddles are made in carbon and feature a patent pending system that allows the cyclist to choose among 3 different covers on a universal carbon base”, shared the company.


At just 130 grams, ALEENA is the “featherweight” of padded seats. Compact and streamlined, it stands out for its original design – daring and sophisticated at the same time.

The anatomical channel along the longitudinal axis helps to ease pressure on the prostate area – improving comfort especially in longer rides. Another advantage is that it follows the swinging movement of the pelvis during riding. Lateral bending is limited by the contrasting action of the carbon fiber bridge connecting the two sections of the shell. The tip features a large and comfortable support surface, allowing ALEENA’s width to be used from end to end.


Its ergonomic design ensures the support areas are evenly distributed throughout the seat. The unique design of the monocoque shell offers just the right balance between rigidity and flexibility. Its curvy, bold lines make it suitable for both road bikes and MTBs. Outstandingly lightweight, COMPTUS uses a thin layer of high reactivity padding. It is a seat suitable for both recreational cyclists and high performance athletes.


A close relative of COMPTUS, it echoes its construction principles, materials and design. The difference is in the padding, made of a thicker layer of special non-toxic and anallergic EVA material.

This will not affect the weight of the seat – which is kept extremely low. KUMA is particularly suitable for off-road use thanks to the elastic properties of its T700 carbon fiber shell, combined with the cushioning power of EVA.


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