Provision Cycling, LLC granted US distribution rights for Repente Saddles

Provision Cycling, LLC granted US distribution rights for Repente Saddles
Provision Cycling (USA) – "Cycling is an Art". Repente, an Italian-designed and manufactured, luxury saddle line, introduces a very simple yet revolutionary principle, your saddle must adapt to you, not vice versa. What makes REPENTE unique is their exclusive RLS system which allows for cover interchangeability in one simple and safe operation.

"While maintaining the same T700 carbon base, different covers can be fitted to suit your cycling needs. The RLS system ensures you always have the proper saddle choice for your current ride. For today’s cyclist enjoying many different riding environments and conditions - Adventure/Gravel, Road, Mountain - finding a suitable seat is a source of concern. Repente opens up the possibility of having many saddle types in one package at the same time, allowing the rider to maintain a consistent riding position thus eliminating joint or muscle ailments", explained Provision Cycling.

Remarks Massimo Farronato, Director of Purchasing for 15 years at Selle Royal and today’s CEO of Repente, “For a start-up like us with less than one-year in the market, the approach to the American public is a very important step. We are very happy to have found a partner like Provision Cycling which represents high-level brands with great competence. We are optimistic because the American market has always been open to innovation, and innovation is the main concept of our project.”

Rudy Riemer, Provision Cycling’s Director of Sales concurs, "Having worked in the industry for over 30 years I have had many products some across my desk. What impressed me with Repente was their incredible product quality. Their motto, Cycling is an Art, has never been more true when you look at what Repente produces. There is no hiding flaws or imperfections under a layer of microfiber, glue and staples. These saddles are beautiful – perfectly designed and masterfully crafted".


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