Northwave launches its New Ghost Pro MTB Shoes

Northwave launches its New Ghost Pro MTB Shoes
Northwave (Italy) – Press Release: The most successful shoes in today’s cross country, trusted ally of Jolanda Neff, is updated with the new XFrame 2® system: a double SLW 2 dial to optimize the fit and enhance power transfer.

Ever since its inception in 1993, Northwave has always been a consistent, standout presence at the top of the World’s Cross-Country MTB standings. Few brands around can boast a similar expertise when it comes to the Olympic discipline of mountain bike, and the same goes for the impressive list of riders who have chosen the Italian brand over the years – from Paola Pezzo and Jose Antonio Hermida all the way to Jolanda Neff.

One of the reason that made Northwave so popular among MTB riders is obviously the extent of support they get, and of course the fact that Northwave never lets them down, always trying to bring something more to the table, year after year.

That once again applies in 2019, as Northwave launches its new Ghost Pro shoes, with XFrame 2® technology: after extending its exclusive XFrame® technology to Mountain Bike with Ghost XC, Northwave came back to it to make it more performing and adaptable to every single rider. Two dials, but still zero pressure.

The innovative technology adds to the performance of the exclusive Hyperlight XC outsole – co-developed with Michelin Technical Soles – to help the World’s top riders to keep raking success all over the year.

XFrame 2® Technology: don’t stress under pressure:

Building on a standout technological base, Northwave wanted to create the definitive solution for any kind of rider. Northwave’s patented XFrame® technology already made pressure points a thing of the past, thanks to an innovative upper construction, and a redesigned closure system to provide the snuggest and most even fit ever, thanks to its unique cable routing.

To make another quality leap, Northwave adopted a new-generation microfiber, softer and more adaptable but without the stretch: this means a guaranteed snug fit, greater stability and a perfect connection between the sole and closure.

But the most evident difference from the past is the employment of two SLW2 dials, to allow different micro adjustments in the instep and tip areas. A complex system of angles, designed with geometric precision through special tapes, makes sure that the flexible and resistant Dyneema cable creates a unique frame over the upper to provide the snuggest and most even fit ever, eliminating the pressure points.

Hyperlight XC outsole: Michelin’s material technology for superb grip:

Another major asset of the new Ghost Pro is the Hyperlight XC outsole, inspired by Michelin Wild Race’r mountain bike tire, another product of the established and fruitful cooperation between Northwave and Michelin Technical Soles.

Fully realized in unidirectional carbon fiber, Hyperlight XC is the outcome of biomechanical studies to locate materials only where actually needed for maximum efficiency, so to be able to combine very low weight and extreme rigidity – it grades 14 in the Northwave stiffness index.

The sole’s sculptures are realized through the innovative Dual Layers Compound Technology, combining two compound layers with different characteristics: the first provides maximum flexibility, acting like an independent suspension, while the second is tougher and more resistant, for improved traction and endurance. Aggressive sculptures in the toe and heel areas provide the ideal grip and traction, while the side sculptures are there to guarantee stability, and are melted into the soles structure for unprecedented resistance. Michelin’s OC compound, 28% more wear-resistant than TPU, also guarantees superior endurance.

Ghost Pro also features a WMN version, with Woman-dedicated fit and shape.

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