New Xpresso 15 Road Pedals from TIME Sport

New Xpresso 15 Road Pedals from TIME Sport
TIME Sport (France) – "The Xpresso 15 is the ultimate expression in pedal technology. Created for competitive cyclists and triathletes seeking a competitive edge", stated TIME Sport.

The Xpresso 15 features CeramicSpeed watt-saving bearings, a hollow titanium axle and a super light carbon body giving you a pedal that weighs 66.5 grams per pedal. IClic, with it's pre-opened engagement system, makes it super easy to clip in. The low stack height and oversized pedal platform make pedaling more efficient and comfortable.

  • Carbon Body
  • Large Plaform Area
  • Pre-opened Pedal Engagement
  • Low Weight

TIME Technology: Iclic

Easy clip in with the automatic pre-opening Iclic System (TIME patent).

TIME Technology: Bioposition:

Only by respecting the natural movements of your legs and joints, with angular and lateral float, as well as precise adjustment to the sensation or "feel" of the float, and with adjustable Q-factor Adjustment, can you decrease the risk of joint trauma and optimize performance following 3 points : security, ergonomics and performance. Our road pedals have a minimal position (pedal stach height)

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