New variants of Macho Man and Space Horse

New variants of Macho Man and Space Horse
All-City Cycles (USA) – Press Release: The Gorilla Monsoon wasn’t the only new shiny thing we revealed to the worlds prying eyes at Frostbike….

Meet the new build of the Macho Man and the next color of Space Horse.

We’ll start with the Macho Man as we’re all pretty dang stoked with how this thing turned out, especially that paint color.

We’re big fans of riding a cross bike with a flatbar. It’s the shreddiest setup and one of the most practical for bopping around the city. So many of us have built up bikes in this manner it seemed silly to not spec one like this from the jump. Saisha knocked it out of the park with the Olive Fab paint, and our Product Manager, Max, built up a very handy parts kit accented by those lovely gum walls.

We also added a new accent color to our Space Horse line, a lovely merlot.

There are a couple of things happening with the Space Horse…

Namely we’re employing a new color and stocking strategy. The plan is to put out one “base” color that will stick around for two years. The longer lifecycle of that color allows us to order more inventory to hopefully remedy the outages we’ve seen on our most popular model since its introduction. The current “base” color is that lovely cream.

We will be supporting the base color with an “accent” color that will only exist for one order of what we hope is a year supply. The previous accent color was blue, which is being replaced by this amazing merlot. That’s how it works in theory anyway. In practice because our last shipment of blue was late in arriving, we currently have three Space Horse colors for you to choose from.

You win again.

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