New Urgestalt Road Frame by Lightweight

New Urgestalt Road Frame by Lightweight
Lightweight (Germany) – Driven by the idea of developing a classic race bike frame with the most efficient power transmission possible and superior performance values, Lightweight started again from scratch. According Lightweight, the result is a 790g light race bike frame with a new structure of the individual carbon layers designed to suit a perfect flux of forces and allowing for unparalleled riding characteristics.

"A further important element of the development was the system integration of wheels and frame for elevating the riding characteristics to a new level when using both products in combination", explained the company.

"Lightweight Urgestalt is way more than just a revamp as the engineers in Friedrichshafen had to go right back to the origins in order to top its predecessor's already excellent performance values. The new frame may look familiar from the outside, but what has happened inside is tantamount to revolution. Thanks to a radical redesign of the layer structure, efficiency levels have attained staggering new heights", stated Lightweight.

"Not only does this Urgestalt offer optimized power transmission, highest directional stability and maximum stiffness, the new design focuses on improving riding comfort and safety. When combined with Lightweight wheels Urgestalt unleashes its full performance potential and transfers each Watt of energy exactly where it wants to go: forwards down the road. Lightweight Urgestalt is the ultimate link between rider and the road and is ready and waiting to be ridden", concluded Lightweight", they concluded.

  • EFBE certified
  • Individual layer structure for each frame size guarantees consistent stiffness and safety
  • Layers of carbon fibre are aligned with directions of forces – improves riding characteristics and increases comfort
  • New structural concept in the chainstay area for a comfortable riding experience and improved safety when using disc brakes
  • The praised geometry of its predecessor has been perfected for more comfort. The compact geometry reduces overall weight. The right concept for Gran Fondos with alternating stretches and changing weather conditions
  • Conventional (27,2 mm) seat post for more comfort and high compatibility
  • Compatible with all common mechanical and electronical shifting systems
  • Cables are passed inside

The frame will be available from October on in the following models: black/anthracite, black/white and black/red.

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