New Nukeproof Enduro Super Lightweight Steel Springs

New Nukeproof Enduro Super Lightweight Steel Springs

NukeProof (United States) - Press Release: “Introducing the new SLS Enduro Spring”.

The Nukeproof 2.25” – 2.5” SLS spring has gone through a unique heat treatment process to alter the chemical composition of the metals. Our unique process changes the silicium/chromium/steel alloy mix to produce a super hard, yet lightweight metal that will withstand the highest demands inflicted through MTB.

To prevent shock rub, the spring is bi-convex in shape. This will allow the spring to progress freely without any friction when under load.

Up to 40% lighter than a steel spring, this hardened super-light steel (SLS) spring has been designed to fit most rear shocks on the market by using Nukeproof’s unique reducers and spacers.


  • For 2.25 to 2.5” shocks (57.5mm-65mm)
  • Hardened super-light steel (SLS)
  • Bi-convex in shape
  • Fits most rear shocks on the market
  • Includes reducers and spacers to fit shocks 57.5mm-65mm 
  • 350 to 600lb range


Photos by Laurence Crossman-Emms.

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