New Love Mud Hobo 27.5 Boost Wheelset from Alpkit

New Love Mud Hobo 27.5 Boost Wheelset from Alpkit
Alpkit (UK) – 650b mountain bike wheelset, tubeless compatible and designed around a Love Mud boost hubs.

"Whether you're navigating rock gardens or tackling steep climbs, Hobo is always there to give you a boost when the roads are rough and the terrain is tricky", stated Alpkit.

  • 27.5"
  • Boost hubs
  • QR adapters available upon request
  • Fits Sonder Evol, Sonder Frontier, Sonder Transmitter, and Sonder Broken Road
  • compatible with 2.1" - 2.8" tyres

Boost: wider, stiffer, tougher:
Hobo's Boost hub is wider than a standard hub; extra width between the flanges promotes a shallower spoke bracing angle to create a stronger, stiffer wheel. A wider hub also means a shorter chainstay, more mud clearance, and better tyre clearance.

Tubeless ready, lightweight rims:
Lightweight aluminium rims make this wheelset ideal for rock gardens and technical terrain. Run with 2.1" - 2.8" tyres, or run tubeless. Disc only.

Durable, convertible, and serviceable hub:
With tough forged aluminium hub shells and 6 bolt disc mounts, this Love Mud hub is reliable and easy to work on. According to your forks and your fancy, the hub can be adapted to run with 110/141 Boost QR or 110/148 Boost bolt-through setups; adapters are available upon request.

Good quality bearings, sealed and protected from dirt and water, let you love mud without sacrificing your hub's health or your own comfort.

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