New Karmic OSLO Reinvents the Electric Bicycle

New Karmic OSLO Reinvents the Electric Bicycle

Karmic Bikes (United States) - Press Release: At Karmic, we are building the future of electric transportation. We believe that mobility is opportunity. Our mission is to empower everyone through more affordable, efficient, and accessible mobility. We’ve made personal electric transportation more enjoyable and more harmonious with the world around us.

The not-so secret power of Karmic bikes has always been our small, but incredibly powerful and efficient batteries. Simply put, better batteries build better vehicles. Over four years ago, our Karmic Koben helped kickstart the premium ebike segment in America. Today, there are countless premium ebike choices in the marketplace. Even though there have been great advances in electric vehicle technology, ebikes have remained largely the same. The great ones are prohibitively expensive and the affordable ones are questionably built. In spite of everything out there, we believed that the best electric bike had yet to be built. So we built it.

We’ve spent the last few years engineering a new kind of bike from the ground up. We’ve reimagined movement to bring you something unlike anything you’ve ever seen before.

The OSLO is the future of electric transportation. 

The Karmic OSLO features a sleek, minimalist design. Cables, batteries, gears, and the chain are tucked away giving the OSLO a clean, modern look and feel. No more anxiety about getting chain grease on your leg! The OSLO design is patent-pending and only available from Karmic. This isn’t your typical cookie-cutter ebike coming out of the same factories with different Brand logos slapped on.

We’ve completely redesigned the Karmic Battery and made it even simpler to use. You just pull the old one out to charge and drop the fully charged one in! Ready to roll in under 30 seconds! Our new 48-volt architecture has many advantages, such as higher torque, greater efficiency, and faster charging times. Go farther, faster!

The OSLO has a hydroformed aluminum chassis with thermoplastic body panels (similar to a car bumper), its alloy wheels stay true over bumps and potholes, and its wider pneumatic tires give a confident yet comfortable ride and handling. We use hydraulic disc brakes in the front and back, just like a modern automobile for maximum safety and years of reliable service. If we want people to trade in their cars for something better, it has to be truly better. The OSLO’s integrated headlight never need charging and are always on (DRLs), and its wraparound tail light not only increases rider visibility, but they activate when you’re stopping to give drivers maximum time to respond. Brake lights on bikes? Yes please!

The OSLO is really easy to use and super comfortable to ride. It is the perfect hybrid of a bike and an eScooter, yet more comfortable and easier to use than either. The OSLO’s wide, long foam saddle hearkens back to the good ‘ol days when banana seats ruled the sidewalks. It’s wider tires cushion your ride and make for smooth sailing over the inevitable bumps and potholes in the road ahead. Fast is fun, but safer can be satisfying as well.

The toughest challenge was to bring the Karmic Experience to even more people. We had to make sure the OSLO was available at a great price point, since it was designed to make electric vehicles accessible to everyone. This is the most affordable Karmic ever and compares favorably to other mobility options out there, even shared bikes and scooters. The OSLO is better, faster, and more affordable. Personal electric mobility is a fast growing segment that more and more people are switching to because it’s better for their communities and their wallets and the environment. Karmic is the smart and logical choice.

Mobility is opportunity! Join us as we ride into the future!

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