New Fend Off MudGuards from Kinesis UK

New Fend Off MudGuards from Kinesis UK
Kinesis UK (UK) – The new Fend Off MudGuards are made of Anodised Aluminium and have room to fit 30mm tyres when installed.

  • Whether you ride on your own or in a group, mudguards make rides in wet and muddy weather conditions a pleasure rather than a pain
  • Not only do they keep you dry and clean, but they prevent surface water and debris from collecting and clogging up the mechanics of your bike and weighing you down
  • They help keep your bike cleaner, so you’ll spend less time cleaning and servicing your bike

Key Features:
  • Anodized Aluminium and adorned with laser graphics
  • They provide full-wrap coverage and are full metal guards
  • The header card comes with durable polypropylene mud flaps
  • Will fit up to a 30mm tyre
  • The weight they come in at is 637g including all the hardware and also the mud flaps

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