New ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer from Wahoo Fitness

New ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer from Wahoo Fitness

Wahoo Fitness (USA) – According to Wahoo, the new ELEMNT MINI “is the bike computer for those that want max data in a mini package”.

Chip Hawkins, Wahoo’s CEO and Founder, said about the new ELEMNT MINI: “Using a bike computer shouldn’t be the hardest part of your ride.”

ELEMNT MINI comes with two connection options - phone free and phone mode. In both modes, the ELMENT MINI pairs seamlessly with the Wahoo Speed Sensor included in the box, as well as other Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connected heart rate monitors and cadence sensors. It works with their free ELEMNT companion app that allows the rider to set up data fields, customize profiles, track performance, and share ride data effortlessly.

When in phone mode, the ELEMNT MINI give GPS Live Tracking, full ride data analysis, and call & text pop-up notifications.

“Simple to set up and simple to connect - the ELEMNT MINI Bike Computer gives you the cycling essentials you need”, they concluded.


  • Both Phone Free and Phone Mode:
    • Wireless Connection & Uploads
    • Companion App Set Up
    • Fully Customizable Screen
    • Smart Buttons
    • Partner App Automatic Uploads
    • Speed Sensor Included
    • 1.8" Diagonal Screen Size
  • Phone Mode Only*
    • GPS Ride Tracking
    • Live Track Portal
    • Text & Phone Alerts

*In Phone Mode, the smartphone must be with the rider on the ride and the ELEMNT MINI must be paired to the Companion App.


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