New E-119 Tri+ Triathlon Bike from Argon 18

New E-119 Tri+ Triathlon Bike from Argon 18

Argon 18 (Canada) - Press Release: E-119 Tri+ - Always the trendsetter.

Ride the icon. Ride the bike by which all other bikes are measured. The E-119 Tri+ is a veritable game changer. It’s the bike of pros, and those who are on the verge of going pro. Classic performance with a fully integrated Oneness front end exclusive to Argon 18, this is the bike of choice of Heather Jackson, Michelle Vesterby, Craig Alexander, and Terenzo Bozzone. Need we say more?


Triathlon-specific geometry:

78° seat tube and adjustable saddle position (+28mm, -28mm). Creates an optimal fit for any level of athlete.

CFD analysis (wind tunnel and velodrome testing):

Optimal aerodynamics in true wind conditions (5° to 20° yaw angles).

Exclusive oneness concept 3.0 integrated handlebar:

Offers greater headset adjustment, optimal aerodynamic positioning, and more than 30 configuration options.

Hydration, nutrition and survival accessories:

Provide an aerodynamic advantage during races and training / customizable for every rider’s needs / fully integrated in the design of the bike giving it a sleek look.

Proprietary rear brake:

Cam-pulled system installed horizontally, aerodynamic, easy to access and adjust.

Concealed front brake:

Ultralight and easy to adjust.

Additional 25mm tire clearance:

Prevents the brakes from rubbing and enables faster wheel changes.


No complicated hardware, easily removable cockpit and wheels.

Classic derailleur hangers:

Make for easy wheel changes.

Size-specific geometry:

Well balanced ergonomic fit for every frame in every size.

Optimal balance:

A winning formula for high performance – the perfect blend of aerodynamics, comfort and maneuverability.

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