New Cycliq Fly6 CE Firmware Now Available

New Cycliq Fly6 CE Firmware Now Available

Cycliq (Australia) - This firmware update is only intended for Fly6 CE.

Key updates:

Battery Charge Bug - Fixed.

Users have reported an issue where the Fly6 CE battery incorrectly appeared to be full, with the charging light turning green before the device is fully charged. This firmware update fixes this bug, so users should experience an increase in the battery life of their device if previously battery life was not as expected.


As this is targeting an issue around battery performance, the process for this firmware update is different to previous updates. Please allow extra time as the device will need to be fully charged and fully discharged for the firmware update to be complete.

Other major updates:

  • Added Footage Lock function similar to the Fly12 CE. Footage Lock can be activated by holding the Q button for 2 seconds during video recording
  • HomeSafe mode has been adjusted to give greater recording time
  • Improved recording quality and battery life


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