New Colors of Challenge EASSUN Cycling and Running Sunglasses

New Colors of Challenge EASSUN Cycling and Running Sunglasses

Eassun (Spain) - One of the most popular EASSUN cycling and running sunglasses is the Challenge.

This accessory has a peripheral cranial curvature that allows its complete adoption to the shape of your face. In addition, its adjustable nosepiece is fully adjustable to the specific dimensions of each nose. At the same time, its innovative design promotes constant ventilation in the upper, lower and lateral areas of the nasal support. This feature translates into the achievement of a large anti-fogging lens, which offers extreme resistance to fogging. At the same time, its net weight is only 26 grams, making it a very light sports sunglass. In this sense, the manufacture of a product with all these features allows obtaining a unique comfort for all those who practice any discipline of cycling, running or MTB (Mountain Bike). This versatility is ideal for triathletes, since the use of this article will ensure them a very effective performance during two of the race modalities without the need to change any accessory that may cause unnecessary loss of time.

Below are the four available combinations of the Challenge EASSUN cycling and running sunglasses for 2021, two of which are exclusive novelties in the collection of this model.

Check out the details of all the compositions below:

  • 59000: The CAT 3 sun lens is REVO red with black frame. This is one of the firsts for this 2021 season.
  • 59002: The large CAT 3 sun lens, decorated by a REVO blue, accompanies the black frame.
  • 59004: This reference is the other exclusive of this 2021 campaign, which consists of a very light sunglass manufactured by a CAT 3 silver sun lens and a pink and white frame.
  • 59005: The shade used in the frame consists of a mixture of black and white, while the solar lens is CAT 3 REVO red.

Now that you have seen all the features and variations in the Challenge EASSUN cycling and running sunglasses, choose the model that best suits your personality and start using them for all your adventures.

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