New Argon 18 E-118 Pro - Destined for Glory!

New Argon 18 E-118 Pro - Destined for Glory!

Argon 18 (Canada) - Press Release: We know a thing or two about performance.

For the last twenty years, we have been collaborating closely with top athletes at the highest levels of road cycling, triathlon and track. Athletes riding our bikes succeed in all of these disciplines because we work tirelessly to provide them with state-of-the-art products designed for their specific needs.

Years of accumulated knowledge were used to create our new tri/tt platform:

In our many years of working with great athletes and teams, we have been able to collect invaluable data and information that has helped us build a unique expertise in carbon lay-ups and aerodynamics. Through the combined use of this expertise and proprietary technologies, we are now ready to roll out an all new generation of the E-118 Tri/TT platform.

Destined for glory!

At this level of racing every second counts so, we have applied all our knowledge and skills into providing Miguel Angel Lopez with a bike that can match his ambition: Win the Giro.

The E-118Pro is the result of an already-winning collaboration with Astana Pro Team.

Real-life testing:

Although CFD and wind tunnel testing give a fairly accurate picture of how a bike will behave, nothing beats real-life tests. Through our collaboration with Astana Pro Team, we were able to take prototypes of the E-118 Pro to the velodrome and on the road for some serious testing at the hands of the most uncompromising riders. Here are the results of these tests.

World Tour Performancegains made available:

Astana Pro Team, with whom we have been working for two years, has had a long history of successes including victories in all of the Grand Tours. Therefore, the team never settles for second best when it comes to equipment. Because every possible performance gain will make a difference in the toughest races, we made it our top priority from the very start of our collaboration to supply them with faster, more aero and reactive bikes. Bikes that provide better stability, corner better, and display superior braking abilities in all conditions.

Our new E-118 platform is the result of long discussions with the team regarding their specific Time Trial needs. They wanted a lighter, faster bike with a more aggressive positioning range.

In the design phase, we used CFD to benchmark ideas, define a new pro level carbon lay-up, and help us integrate disc brakes without penalizing aero performance.

Once we settled on a final design and carbon lay-up, we supplied Astana with prototypes to be tested by team members in the velodrome and on the road to validate the concept and corroborate gains that we were seeing in simulations.

The TT version of the platform is now ready to race, and the Triathlon version of the very same bike, the E-118Tri+, will soon become available for purchase.

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