Lightweight Obermayer Gold Edition

Lightweight Obermayer Gold Edition
Lightweight (Germany) – Press Release: We have launched a special edition to epitomise the ultimate thrill of riding an exclusive and ultra-tough carbon spoked wheel – the OBERMAYER GOLD ED.

Any cyclist who has used our OBERMAYER will know the incredible feeling of soaring along like a bird on the wing. This is due to the wheel’s outstanding qualities which are without parallel. By making efficient use of carbon fibres and resin, we have created one of the lightest and toughest wheels the world has ever seen in a limited edition of 99 wheels. On the limited edition, our logo is marked in white and the original signature of Heinz Obermayer is displayed in gold on the edge of the rim.

Each rim is marked with a number and can be distinguished by the four golden spokes which form the triangle to the left of the valve hole. The pressure pads, valve extension and hub stickers are black and the lettering on the side stickers is highlighted in gold. These exclusive wheels are also fitted with Titan quick release skewers.

Each of the 99 wheels comes with a specially designed wheel bag. Each buyer will also receive a certificate signed by Heinz Obermayer and the chance to attend a “Heinz Obermayer Day” in the carbon factory. This includes a guided tour and lunch.

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