Is this the lightest Bike Saddle in the World?

Is this the lightest Bike Saddle in the World?
Gelu Carbon Creations (Portugal) – According to Anghel Ivanof, the founder of Gelu Carbon Creations, it is. He just created a new prototype saddle with just 39gr of weight.

“After we got the lightest saddles in the world (S3 45g, G3 50g, E3 55g) and when we thought it was very difficult to lower anything, we were challenged to try to throw something under 40g! Although this is not the priority, because comfort, durability and quality are our focus, we accept the challenge and the result was this! After all, life is made up of challenges”, explained Anghel Ivanof.

"The new prototype will be tested and, if everything goes as we expected, it will be on the market in 2018", he concluded.

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