Introducing the New Ultimate Axiom Disc Road Bike from Seven Cycles

Introducing the New Ultimate Axiom Disc Road Bike from Seven Cycles
Seven Cycles (USA) – Press Release: The Ultimate Seven Axiom Disc.

The idea of speed can seem abstract. Few of the riders who come to us want to ride more slowly, but for each one 'fast' means a different thing. For this bike, we pushed away all those abstractions and simply set out to build the fastest road disc bike we could imagine.

The finished machine introduces a slew of new technology that is now available for customers, across categories.

The Ultimate Axiom Disc features:
  • XX Upgrade - ($995) An upgrade package to dramatically reduce frame weight
  • One-Inch Fixed Chainstays - Larger diameter tubes, with thinner tube walls, increase both bending and torsional stiffness by 32% over our 7/8” stays. We hold the weight down by custom butting the tube stock in house
  • Asymmetric Fastback Dropouts - (included with XX) 75% stiffer than the most popular titanium thru-axle disc brake dropout on the market. These custom asymmetric dropouts save 60 grams of weight over our conventional disc brake dropout system
  • 3D Traction Seat Stays - ($95) With 3DT, we’ve been able to improve rear tire traction without reducing frame stiffness. We achieve these traction improvements through a combination of more aggressive bend profile, bending in multiple planes (3D), and a new tube butting process. What you get is a seat stay with a more dramatic shape that dissipates multi-directional force, and minimizes weight
  • Internal Seat Post Binder - (included with XX) We save 40 grams of weight by eliminating the standard, external seat binder and reducing the seat tube extension
  • Max Power Seatpost - ($295) Our Max Power Seatpost has a 30.9mm diameter with a razor-thin tube wall, so it is both lighter than a conventional 27.2mm post and stiffer at the same time. Despite its trim profile, it far exceeds DIN fatigue testing standards, and each one is custom butted and handmade for its rider’s specific needs
  • Synergetic Chainstays - ($included with XX) When you introduce asymmetry into a frame design, you have to restore balance. Our Synergetic Chainstays serve this function. Their unique design allows clearance for full-sized chainrings and 28c tires. They let us run a sub-41cm chainstay with a 160 mm disc rotor
  • Active Race Design Geometry - ARD geometry is a combination of race-specific elements that provide quick handling and telepathic transfer of rider input to your tire contact patches. We achieve this through a combination of frame geometry modifications including a compact wheelbase, short chainstays, high bottom bracket, steeper head tube angle, tighter front center, more compact front triangle for faster reaction time, improved front end torsional stiffness, and a bike that’s easier to throw around in a shoulder-to-shoulder pack of riders
  • All Out Speed Kit - Where Seven’s Active Race Design geometry option is a comprehensive set of geometric adjustments, the All Out Speed Kit modification is a set of design features that improve race performance and placing. Our most popular titanium AOS Kit includes our One-Inch Fixed Chainstays, an oversized down tube, a T47 bottom bracket, a Max Power Seat Post, Slipstream Di2 Internal Wiring, and a 44mm head tube
  • Slipstream Di2 Internal wiring - ($95) Our Slipstream Di2 wiring upgrade, designed specifically for the newest Shimano Dura Ace 9150 and 9170, and Ultegra 8050 and 8070 components, offers a number of improvements for 2018
  • Paint: Multiphase Color Technique - ($1295 on this bike) Seven’s MCT paint has a number of unique features. It is available only as “builder’s choice.” Each scheme and colorway is one-of-a-kind and chosen by Seven’s designers. Each pattern is hand laid, and the entire paint process typically takes 20 hours or more. We employ a proprietary color and clearcoat system that is lifetime durable. All MCT schemes include a painted frame and fork, while some schemes also include a painted seat post and/or stem, depending on the designer’s scheme and your riding plans

This build also includes:
  • T47 Bottom Bracket Shell - ($95) Great for performance-minded riders that want to use crank-based power meters with oversized axles and Di2 wiring
  • Direct Mount Derailleur Hanger - ($95) This is the industry’s first titanium direct mount hanger for Shimano rear derailleurs. About three times stiffer than a typical aluminum hanger, and tough as nails

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