Introducing Flight Attendant, the Only Automatic Suspension System that Listens to the Rider and Responds in Real-Time

Introducing Flight Attendant, the Only Automatic Suspension System that Listens to the Rider and Responds in Real-Time

RockShox (United States) - Press Release: Elevate your ride.

Our relentless pursuit of simplicity is driven by one goal: to unlock your full riding potential.

The only automatic suspension system that listens to the rider and responds in real-time. Flight Attendant uses a suite of sensors to read rider and terrain inputs to anticipate the perfect suspension position—enabling you to ride faster, ride longer, and spend less energy adjusting your suspension and more time focusing on what matters most: the unbridled joy of riding.

Lets fly.

SRAM AXS technology:

The unmatched interface you’ve come to expect. Crystal clear communication between components. Beautiful cable-free design, meticulously crafted to disappear.

Sense it first:

A suite of sensors onboard your fork, rear shock and crankset work in unison to detect every bump, pitch, and pedal stroke made. Flight Attendant paints a picture of the riding experience in real time.

Feels like magic:

Developed over thousands of trail miles around the world, Flight Attendant’s on board algorithm is scientifically engineered to do the complex thinking for you. It analyzes the constant flow of ever-changing data to anticipate the perfect suspension setting for the rider and what the trail demands.

Three positions, one seamless ride:

Life isn’t black and white, or as easy as on or off. Balance is often found somewhere in-between. A 3-position system provides more choice and efficiency gains in more situations for the rider. With Open, Pedal and Lock compression positions, the Flight Attendant algorithm finds the best connection to the trail, providing the right level of support and comfort at the same time.

Further faster:

Your burly Enduro bike becomes fit for longer climbs. Your trail bike becomes as efficient as a cross-country world cup steed. Get the most return on every pedal stroke, weight shift, and micro adjustment you make, there’s no energy wasted. Flight Attendant capitalizes on every ounce of effort you put in, optimizing your suspension and maximizing your bikes performance all while you ride. You’ll ride further, faster and with less energy used.

Efficiency on demand:

In Auto Mode, Flight Attendant deciphers every input and sends its commands to the AXS-enabled fork and rear shock to instantly react. It does the critical thinking for you. Your suspension is always in the right position at exactly the right time, automatically shifting between Open, Pedal and Lock compression positions before the thought ever crosses your mind.

Bias adjust:

Bias Adjust gives you the power to fine tune how Flight Attendant reacts in Auto Mode to your personal ride style and preference. From the factory, the system is set right in the middle: Zero Bias, for an effective balance of all three suspension positions. Based on personal ride style, adjusting Bias instructs the Flight Attendant system to favor the Open or Lock suspension positions.

When you Bias the system towards Lock (+1 or +2) Flight Attendant maximizes rider efficiency and the return on every pedal stroke with the system favoring the firmer Lock position, as often as possible. When you Bias the system towards Open (-1 or -2) the system will favor the Open position more often, with less likelihood of Lock. There’s no right or wrong, Bias Adjust is all about choice and fine tuning the feel of the system to better match your ride style. Adjust your Bias at any time through the Flight Attendant Control Module or a simple tap on t he AXS mobile app.

The app at the center of it all:

AXS-enabled and completely customizable. Flight Attendant is an integrated part of the AXS ecosystem. Use the SRAM AXS app to adjust settings for your entire AXS system, Flight Attendant included. Build a bike profile, customize your controls, check battery charge status, and update firmware as needed right from your phone.

Get right to the ride: initial set up:

Out of the box or fresh from your favorite retailer, set up is simple. Pair your AXS components, set up your front and rear suspension, calibrate the Flight Attendant system, and you’re done! Flight Attendant remembers everything. Next time, get right to the ride.

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