First enviolo MY2019 Bicycle and eBike Products Roll Off the Production Line

First enviolo MY2019 Bicycle and eBike Products Roll Off the Production Line
enviolo (USA) – New groupsets expand stepless and automatic shifting solutions for city, trekking, sportive, cargo, and commercial bikes.

After announcing its MY2019 product portfolio in October 2017, enviolo, a division of Fallbrook Technologies Inc., has recently started production of its groupsets designed to meet specific rider needs for city, trekking, sportive, cargo and commercial bikes. Each of the five groupsets consist of a NuVinci Optimized™ controller and a transmission.

“With the NuVinci Optimized products, we enhance the riding experience and offer manufacturers the opportunity of differentiating their models,” says Richard Hilgart, Product Manager at enviolo.​ “Given the growth of new segments such as urban lifestyle and eCargo bikes or the outstanding progress of commercial and B2B fleets, it was evident to us that it is essential to create product lines with unique features focused on those applications. The MY2019 groupsets are a result of analyzing these trends and optimizing the products to fit rider requirements.”

Within the MY2019 portfolio, the ​city groupset​ effectively covers the requirements of a diverse city-topography with improved efficiency and offers a maintenance-free ride. The ​trekking groupset provides a wide ratio range, while enabling low-maintenance applications in combination with a belt-drive. For the ​sportive groupset​, the thru-axle compatible dropouts of 135, 142, or 148 mm allow a combination with boost tires and the internal components were designed to withstand shifting under load of up to 120 Nm. The ​commercial and cargo groupsets​ come with a commercial warranty and focus on durability using optimized materials in all components to handle aggravated duty cycles. To support the rider’s safety, an integrated brake disc mount of up to 203 mm is also available on the cargo groupset.

“We are confident the new use case approach will offer riders the optimal ride performance, while further establishing the brand enviolo, and growing a successful business. In 2017, we had incredible revenue growth of 44% over 2016, and early indications of Q1 results in 2018 already confirm this positive trend,” notes Billy van den Ende, Sales Director at enviolo.

Samples of the new groupsets have already been delivered, thus enabling manufacturers to display their new MY19 models in time for their house shows. Current MY2018 products will remain available for warranty replacements only. 

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