Discover eMTB Performance, introducing the M735E

Discover eMTB Performance, introducing the M735E
Enve (USA) – Press Release: A wheel that is the perfect complement to your electric assist mountain bike. Durable and reliable for hour after hour of off-road mountain riding, this wheel is gravity rated for impact damage and features the un-pinchable Protective Rim Strip that will protect your high volume 2.6-2.8″ tires against those ride crushing pinch flats. Built around the most reliable spokes and hubs in the market, this is no overbuilt and heavy wheel, but a lively performance bred upgrade for your e-MTB.

Why We Made It:
If your new e-MTB is a coffee shop cruiser and dirt path commuter, you are going to love it, but you don’t need ENVE. These wheels are built for riders who choose electrical assist over lifts and shuttles, but have all the same expectations when it’s time to head downhill. E-MTB’s are planted and allow riders to carry speed with confidence. These wheels will stoke that confidence with their ability to shake off brutal impacts and carry on pinch flat and damage free, over and over again.

Full Details:
E-MTBs are expanding riding into new areas and new demographics. They expose new riders to MTB riding, but they put an incredible stress on wheels and shred tires. Increased loads on gears and brakes quickly fatigue aluminum rims and high volume treads are easy to pinch flat. ENVE’s high impact carbon structure and protective rim strip are perfectly suited to the needs of e-mountain bikers. The best performance upgrade for your e-MTB, just like any bike, is a lightweight, responsive and durable wheelset. But when it comes to riding e-MTB in big-mountain terrain, there is no substitute for the confidence of the M735E with Protective Rim Strip.

What's Included:
  • Protective Rim Strips (installed)
  • Protective Rim Strip Lever
  • Tubeless Valves
  • Accessory Bag
  • Wheel Manual
  • Wheelbuild Card


Application Specific Design:
Each rim and wheel model in the ENVE M Series is designed for a specific ride experience.

Our M735E wheels were created for the added abuse and bruising impacts that electric-assist mountain bikes inflict on wheels. We refine each M Series wheel model to the intended application by tuning everything from hole count to the very carbon laminate used to create the rim’s structure.

Reliable rim and tire protection, paired with heavy duty spokes, and the venerable e-MTB rated Chris King hubs, this wheelset is a performance compliment to any e-MTB.

Hole Count:
Just as one rim doesn’t serve all applications equally, the same goes for the number of spokes required to optimize the ride quality. As such, the M525, a wheel specifically designed for XC racing on short travel bikes features 24 spoke holes which saves notable weight and adds compliance for long hours in the saddle. On the other end of the spectrum, with 32 spoke holes, the M735E wheel needs to survive the increased abuse of descending down technical terrain on these sturdy machines. In the middle, the M6 Series trail wheels feature a 28-hole count.

ENVE’s patented Molded Spoke Hole Technology offers a variety of benefits that ultimately result in a more durable and reliable carbon fiber rim and wheelset. Visit Why ENVE for more details.

Full Carbon Laminate:
At ENVE, we use only the best materials in the construction of our rims. In this case, 100% unidirectional carbon fiber. Over the years we have developed and identified specific construction methods, resin systems, and manufacturing techniques that best serve the mountain application. The result is that each rim in the M Series, while sharing in pedigree, has a dedicated laminate to ensure the best on-trail performance. As an example, the forces inflicted upon a wheelset by a trail rider on a 130mm bike are very different than the forces exerted on a wheelset used for downhill racing on a 200mm bike. Therefore, the laminate is optimized to create a structure that achieves the desired impact resistance, stiffness, and compliance. The M735E wheel, while intended for trail riding, requires a rim that is impact tested to a gravity standard in order to survive daily abuse.

Protective Rim Strip:
Say goodbye to heavy, expensive, installation-burdensome, ride-compromising tire inserts that are designed to help eliminate pinch flats and rim damage but ultimately fail to deliver on the promise. ENVE’s protective rim strip is made using a specially formulated material that acts as an extremely durable bumper between unforgiving obstacles in the trail and durable carbon fiber. The result is near elimination of “pinch” or “snake-bite” style flat tires. Consequently, most carbon rims are broken and damaged after the tire has lost air pressure and the tire’s air pressure are no longer offers protection to the rim. Our promise is that our patent pending rim strip technology will result in less flat tires, fewer damaged rims and more time riding how you want. That is, with no limitations…

ENVE’s Protective Rim Strip technology is found exclusively in the M Series M730, M735, M735E and M930 wheel models where ultimate impact and pinch flat durability are prioritized over weight savings.

The ENVE Protective Rim Strip (Patent Pending) delivers:
  • Unprecedented pinch/snake-bite flat resistance
  • Ability to run lower pressure and improve traction and rolling resistance
  • The option to run lighter weight tires if desired

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