Diamante SV 45° Anniversario - The Rarest and Most Precious Diamante

Diamante SV 45° Anniversario - The Rarest and Most Precious Diamante

Basso Bikes (Italy) - Press Release: Our finest Diamante SV, the bike that crystallizes 45 years of experience and perfectionism: 45 years dedicated to perfecting your ride.

A small production, as it was originally, in a limited and numbered series of 45 pieces. A collector’s item, but also a very high-performance bicycle. A bike that does not want to be a point of arrival but a synthesis, the forerunner of Basso’s future.

The rarest and most precious Diamante:


The starting point is Diamante SV, a perfect blend of technology and design that makes this the best Basso ever. It’s our quest for the perfect bike: Super Fast, Super Versatile. This time even more unique and refined.


The exclusive 45th Anniversary livery, on which the Sapphire-colored details stand out, is the result of the work of our creative team with our painting experts.

  • Pure White: the purity of a bike without compromise.
  • Chrome Blue Sapphire: a jewel that is embellished with the chromatic details that celebrate Sapphire’s wedding.
  • Glossy Rose Gold: the prestige and charm of pink gold that tells about Vicenza and its deep connection with the goldsmith’s art.

“I wanted to create a bike without compromise, free to be the best expression of what Basso is today, of who I am. Inside there is only the best, until today. The definition of ‘state of the art’ of our first 45 years: the Diamante SV 45° Anniversario.”

Levita Integrated Handlebar:

The Diamante tip for unprecedented handling: stiff, light and ergonomic. Levita redefines the concept of riding precision in a heap of technology and aesthetic purity.

Presented for the first time on the 45th Anniversary Diamante SV, Basso’s new integrated system adds a fundamental element to the best riding experience.

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