Deviate Cycles launched the New Guide Full Suspension Gearbox MTB

Deviate Cycles launched the New Guide Full Suspension Gearbox MTB
Deviate Cycles (UK) – "Are you ready for a gearbox mountain bike? The New Deviate 'Guide' - A full carbon gearbox mountain bike with unrivalled suspension performance", stated Deviate Cycles.

Huge Gear Range:
A 600% range offers the ability to spin up the steepest hills or crank down the fastest singletrack! SRAM Eagle is 500%. 12 speeds with even 17.7% spacing ensure there is always the perfect gear for the terrain.

No Derailleur:
No vulnerable rear derailleur saving expensive replacement costs and major inconvenience.

Shift while Stationary:
No need to pedal to engage a gear – select your gear at anytime. Never get caught in the wrong gear again!

Fully Sealed Drive System:
Hermetically sealed gearbox results in significantly less maintenance than a traditional drivetrain system.

Superb Handling:
Mass is positioned low and centralised for optimal handling and cornering.

Improved Ground Clearance:
A small front chain ring achieves a high degree of ground clearance.

High Pivot Point:
The Guide utilises a high pivot point which achieves a rearward axle path. This increases the compliance of the rear wheel as it can move away from impacts and square edged hits are absorbed more directly through the suspension maintaining forward momentum and improving traction. The rearward axle path allows the wheelbase of the bike to be maintained as suspension is compressed achieving consistent handling.

Zero Pedal Kickback:
The design results in zero chain growth and therefore no pedal kickback. This allows continued and unimpeded pedalling through rough terrain. It also results in less fatigue on descents as legs do not have to absorb this pedal kickback.

Anti-Squat Optimised:
As the gearbox based design maintains a constant chain line and chain length we can optimise the anti-squat characteristics across all gears. The system achieves approximately 110% anti-squat which results in a slight suspension extension under pedal input to increase grip on difficult climbs.

Low Un-sprung Mass:
Using a gearbox shifts the drivetrain weight from the rear wheel to the centre of the bike, this reduces the un-sprung mass which results in more responsive suspension system.

Efficient Suspension:
Unlike a derailleur (and particularly, a clutch rear mech) based system the suspension does not have to overcome chain tension.

Fully Sealed Bearings:
We use top end Enduro double row, angular contact, max fill bearings on all pivot points. Furthermore all these bearings are situated behind twin lip wiper seals.

  • Full high modulus carbon fibre construction
  • 27.5″ (650b) wheel size
  • 160mm of rear wheel travel
  • Supplied with highly tunable Cane Creek DBAir CS or DBAir Inline shock
  • Metric shock (210*55mm)
  • Pinion gearbox drivetrain (12 speed C-Line with Magnesium casing)
  • Integrated (and replaceable) chain tensioning system
  • Integrated (and replaceable) bash guard
  • Full internal cable routing
  • 31.6mm seatpost with internal cable routing
  • Enduro double row, angular contact, max fill bearings on all pivots
  • Twin lip wiper seals for all suspension pivots
  • Bonded rubber protection from rock strikes and chain slap
  • 2.7” tyre clearance


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