Aria 101: A work of art for your feet

Aria 101: A work of art for your feet
fi’zi:k (Italy) – Press Release: Inspired by the most beautiful yet brutal of Grand Tours, we have teamed up with UK footwear artist Artful Kicks to produce a strictly limited-edition custom-painted version of our Aria R3 road shoe to coincide with the 101st edition of the Giro d’Italia™.

The Aria 101 is one of Simon Fellow’s, the man behind Artful Kicks, finest works to date, a masterpiece inspired by the Corsa Rosa’s long and illustrious history.

Simon wears his passion for road cycling on his sleeve and Aria’s sleek, minimal design proved to be the perfect canvas.

Simon Fellows, Artful Kicks:
“Having hand-painted many pairs of fi’zi:k cycling shoes for customers around the world, it was an honour to have been approached directly by fi’zi:k to produce a unique design, on a pair of shoes and a saddle, to celebrate the 101st Giro d’Italia™."

"I gain a lot of inspiration from abstract and geometric shapes and combine these with bright colours and sharp lines. The pink accents along the design represent the major towns and cities along the route of the first edition of the Giro in 1909 and of course, we all know the colour of the winner’s jersey!"

Simon’s work of Italianate artistry is as rare as is it beautiful.

With a limited edition of just 101 pairs poised to go on sale, he has created a sumptuous, stylish design that will only be available through fi’zi:k's Website.

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