Approach is part of the Journey – Discover Scott Ski-Touring E-Bike

Approach is part of the Journey – Discover Scott Ski-Touring E-Bike

Scott (Switzerland) - Press Release: The Approach is Part of the Ski Journey.

The unique Electric SK-eRIDE Bike addresses the needs of athletes for support in mountain approaches combining E-Bike Technology and smart gear storage concepts.

SCOTT is an international sporting goods company specializing in the development, production and marketing of cycling, wintersport, motorsport and running products worldwide. A proven track record for being an industry innovation leader, SCOTT`s engineering team adopt this as a core value when striving for new ideas.

Challenged by exhausting mountain approaches in winter, integrating SCOTT's own state-of-the-art E-Bike technology in wintersports is an obvious choice. When passes are still closed and spring snow is high in the mountains, it’s a sign of great ski touring conditions. However, approaches by foot can be long-winded and tiring. With a full suspension E-Bike these actually become fun adding an additional dimension to the journey. These were the objectives we had in mind when developing an advanced solution for mountain approaches with the SK-eRIDE concept.

The SCOTT AXIS EVO eRIDE is the perfect companion for this unique project. The bike supports ski-touring enthusiasts in gaining elevation and touching the snow without emptying their own tank. Once they get to the snow line, they're still fresh to go even higher and to ultimately enjoy the way down creating own lines in untouched terrain. With versatility being key, the SCOTT Speedguide 95 Ski completes the setup, ensuring safe and confident skiing in the most technical of terrain. The SK-eRIDE makes the approach an enjoyable part of the ski journey.

What will we do with this bike?

The idea is to open up the mountains for exploring more skiing lines. This project fits the needs of our athletes in approaching mountains in the future. It can happen every day by starting from their backyards or reaching closed passes in spring time- they get to the snow and go to places where cars cannot! Stay tuned and follow us so as to not miss the upcoming eRIDE skimo adventures! 

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