Announcing Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape

Announcing Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape

Wolf Tooth Components (United States) - Press Release: New Supple Bar Tape.

Extra thick, extra wide, extra soft, and extra tacky. Like our grips that are made of the same silicone material, the new Wolf Tooth Supple Bar Tape is designed for comfort while riding rough terrain. This forgiving foam creates the same thickness in one wrap that would take multiple layers of traditional bar tape.

Everything about Supple Bar Tape is extra:

  • 5mm thick for extra comfort
  • 40mm wide for extra bar coverage
  • Tacky texture for extra control
  • Resistance to wear for extra durability
  • Washable surface for an extra clean look

Supple Bar Tape is for bumpy roads, uneven asphalt, chunky gravel, and rocky trails—pretty much everything beyond smooth pavement.

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