Aero. Fuel. Fit. Introducing the Specialized S-Works Shiv Disc

Aero. Fuel. Fit. Introducing the Specialized S-Works Shiv Disc

Specialized (United States) - Press Release: We developed the fastest bike Kona’s ever seen, but we didn’t spend half a decade focused on just the traditional idea of fast. We wanted to make the most complete triathlon bike ever made. One with a tremendous amount of storage, the perfect fit, easy travel features, and of course, a destiny of setting Kona course records. This is the new shape of speed. This is the S-Works Shiv Disc.

Aero is Everything:

The Development:

A triathlon bike is only as fast as its integration. Taped-on gels, frame bottles, flat kits—in the eyes of drag, they turn a fast bike into a beach cruiser. The 2011 Shiv, however, was the first to integrate storage without adding drag. And with the Shiv Disc, we’ve created storage and fit features that house more fuel while actually making you faster.


Kona is THE race on the calendar, which is why the Shiv Disc was designed to be the fastest in Kona conditions. The nose cone, fork, and seat tube have been crosswind-optimized for the lowest drag possible, all while keeping center of pressure in a place that keeps handling predictable. Sorry, trade winds.

Nothing is Faster:

Compared to the fastest 2011 Shiv setup possible (Fuelcell, slammed bars, clean cable routing, BTA bottle), the Shiv Disc is nearly a minute faster over the Kona course. With a more typical Shiv setup, the Shiv Disc is faster by minutes—plural. So, no matter how much you need to carry, you’re sure to have the fastest setup come race day.

112 Miles of Fuel:

So Long to Aid Stations:

The first half of the bike is hectic. Getting your legs working, establishing position, properly fueling—it’s stressful. Our athletes requested a design with enough on-board fuel to fly right by aid stations for the first half of the bike, so that’s what we did. Stay focused on the race, establish position, and use the nutrition that works for you.

Hydration Fuelcell:

The new Fuelcell holds up to 50 ounces of fluid, all available via an easy-to-route hose that integrates into the cockpit. Through aero testing, we discovered how vital seat tube optimization is, so we shaped it for aerodynamics first and then worked within the airfoil to add plenty of hydration. It’s a win-win.

Nutrition Fuelcell:

You need calories to go along with your hydration, which is why we’ve integrated the new Nutrition Fuelcell into the down tube. How many snacks you bring is up to you, but we’ve made room for 4-5 bars, 5-6 chews, or 10-12 gels. Flat kit? We don’t recommend eating one, but you can simply remove the Fuelcell and store it in the down tube.



The four available Shiv sizes have been based upon thousands of Retül Fit data points, ensuring there’s a size that’s perfect for you. Our Shiv Finder tool makes it easy to determine your size based on your current position, so getting your most powerful aerodynamic position is easily achievable.


With three different base bar positions, the new cockpit keeps things as aerodynamic as possible without compromising either fit or control. It features 115mm of pad stack adjustment, plus extensive pad reach adjustment, so you can get way more aggressive positions no matter your body type.

Travel Made Easy:

The bike goes into “pack mode” by loosening only five bolts—two at the base bar, two at the tower, one at the seatpost. No removing cockpits or disconnecting brakes, just a 5mm Allen wrench and five minutes. When it’s time to race, simply tighten the same five bolts and you’re back in “race mode” in your exact position—no tape measure required.

Reserve Your Shiv:

The first offering of the Shiv will be an extremely limited-edition release, with only 500 individually numbered bikes, along with their accompanying custom travel cases, being made available for preorder. Six of the 500 bikes will be making their debut in Kona under Lucy, Javier, Ben, Tim, Braden, and Sarah, while the remaining Shivs will be available for order until October 31st. To reserve yours, click the button below to be contacted directly by a Specialized triathlon expert or you can always visit your local Specialized retailer to reserve in person.


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