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List of Nominations for the BikeToday.news Awards 2017

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These are the nominated Companies, Bikes and Other Cycling Products for the BikeToday.newse Readers' Choice Awards 2017 (to be updated soon):

Nominated for the Best Company 2017

Rolf Prima (USA)
Each wheel we hand-build at Rolf Prima starts with a carefully engineered design and the best materials and custom-spec parts. Then we beat the hell out of them. Machine testing to ensure lasting durability. Aerodynamic testing to reduce drag. Field-testing by riders who might do a quarter-mile faster-than your old Oldsmobile Vista Cruiser.

You could say we thought the process through. But it's not just the process and materials. It's the people we go to work with every day in Eugene, Oregon. No, we're not wheel manufacturers. We are all cyclists. We are craftsmen. We are perfectionists. We build the best wheels in the business because we're doing what we love—both in the shop and on the road or trail. What can we build for you?

We are athletes. We ride, we run, we ski, we climb and we swim. We believe in a healthy balance and we take advantage of every opportunity that life allows. We are craftsmen. Your rides are as important to us as our own. We understand that quality and workmanship matter. By hand-building our wheels with parts that we design, test and manufacture, we can provide our customers with the consistently great experience they expect from us. We are perfectionists. We are driven by technology and performance, and we focus on making world class wheels for cyclists no matter which level they ride or race. We are teammates. We strive to maintain a supportive and rewarding place to work and it shows in our dedicated service. We are local. We are committed to our community and the cycling community at large. We show our support through events, volunteering, participation, and cyclevangelism. We are dedicated. We will always stay true to our customers and to our core beliefs in quality over quantity and purposeful engineering.
Lumos Helmet (USA)
Lumos started as a Kickstarter campaign in 2015 and became the highest crowdfunded bicycle helmet campaign ever (a title we still hold to this date). We have since shipped over 20,000 units to our backers and are now a small growing company who continues to work with our customer base to develop niche, useful, and beautiful products for cyclists around the world.
ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH (Germany)
ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH was founded in 1982 in Nuremberg and has today its headquarters in the Middle Franconian town of Heilsbronn. Today, the company has more than 185 employees, and the collection has grown to include over 500 individual products. All waterproof products are produced with high frequency welding methods at the German headquarters in Heilsbronn and are thus "Made in Germany". Furthermore they are backed by a 5 year warranty against defects in material and manufacturing.

ORTLIEB products are characterized by tightly sealed closure systems such as roll closures, waterproof zippers, velcro, or sliding seal closures. Numerous design features are patented and set new standards in the bike an outdoor market, and are on an average monthly awarded with top marks by independent juries, trade press or design agencies. Within Germany, ORTLIEB supplies via its own distribution system directly to specialized retailers in the bike, outdoor, trekking, expedition, motorcycle and water sport markets. From the Heilsbronn production site in Germany, ORTLIEB ships worldwide to longterm distributors in more than 30 countries.

Sustainability plays a key role in daily life of work and production. ORTLIEB is an active member of various interest organizations and working groups. Since 2008 the company is a member of the EOCA (European Outdoor Conservation Association). This initiative collects finances and invests in projects protecting environment and nature all over the world.
Hexlox - Bike Protection Done Right (Germany)
Hexlox is a German based innovation company focusing on solving challenges within the bicycle industry. The core team consists of Australian long time Product designer Ian Berrell and Swedish Serial Entrepreneur Marcus Tonndorf. The company’s first product is the revolutionary Hexlox with many more products to come. The company has won multiple awards for their innovation, the latest being the Hidden Champion Award at Eurobike and the WeWork Creative Award for Germany. The company was founded after a 800% over-goal Kickstarter project and the products are now selling in over 40 countries since only one year. Reviews of the companies products has only been 5 stars.
X-BIONIC (Switzerland)
At X-BIONIC® of Switzerland scientists, engineers and designers join forces to develop the highest performance functional clothing enhancing your performance under all climatic conditions. Our visionary philosophy: using bionic principles to maximise your performance. Our visionary development process: interdisciplinary teamwork, unconventional thinking, scientific research and development. The result: more than 200 international patents and state of the art technologies.

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy X-BIONIC® of Switzerland represents extraordinary quality and functionality unlike anybody else. More than 560 international design awards and test wins for top quality, functionality, usability and innovation speak for themselves.

Inspiration is nature. Whether animal or plant, the peculiarities and performance of nature fascinate. The natural processes could be adopted step by step as X-BIONIC® technologies. In the beginning, there was a revolutionary functional sock. An innovative jacket was added. As in the course of evolution, development has been continuously perfected. The X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® patents for groundbreaking solutions increased. Instead of bulging socks, ergonomically shaped, multifunctional constructions were used which maintain the nature-identical barefoot climate. Instead of sweat-absorbing substances, new materials were used that return energy to the body instead of absorbing it. We live our philosophy "turn sweat into energy®".
GripGrab (Denmark)
GripGrab is a Danish high-end brand, founded by three brothers and is based on a passion for cycling and running and the dream of building a brand of products that makes these sports enjoyable no matter how cold, wet or windy it is. Great quality accessories make the difference between being too hot, or too cold, between being wet or dry, aerodynamic or flappy and between being seen or not seen. These are the products we live and breathe for.
Frog Bikes (USA)
Frog Bikes manufactures a full line of lightweight bicycles for children ages 2-14. Frog Bikes believe they are unique in applying scientific research to the design of children’s bikes. The outcomes of this research include a unique crank design with reduced Q factor to make riding more comfortable for kids with a narrower pelvis than adults. The improved cranks convert more of a child’s energy into forward motion. Frog has also incorporated easier to reach brake levers, changes to drop and reach, and to the seat-post angle – all of which improves comfort on the bike.

Frog Bikes are sold through independent bike dealers across the United States, UK, mainland Europe, Canada, South Africa, Hong Kong, Japan and many other countries. The full Frog Bikes range includes: balance bikes, first pedal bikes, hybrid bikes, road & track bikes and the new Frog Mountain Bikes.
Bkool S.L. (Spain)
Bkool is a technology company that creates interactive and innovative solutions for sports and videogaming in the field of cycling, it has developed the most advanced trainer and simulator. The simulator lets cyclists ride any route in the world in 3D alongside other cyclists in different places connected in real time.

With the simulator, users experience the same sensations they would have on the road. Its 3D World technology simulates any route in the world in 3D and recreates the actual elevation of the terrain and the details in the landscape.

Its 3D Real Weather ™ technology recreates the weather in real time on any route. Bkool is available in seven languages, including Chinese and Japanese, and distributes its products worldwide.
Flaér (UK)
At Flaér we know what it feels like to push to your absolute limit. When you give it everything we want to make sure all your effort goes to the wheel and isn’t lost through needless inefficiencies.

We have helped pro riders and teams all over the world to get the best out from their input. After all, when you put so much in, work so hard to perfect everything about your ride and leave nothing to chance, why should you accept anything less.

With backing from a long-established and highly respected automotive engineering business we put our shared knowledge, experience and expertise into all our products ensuring you can benefit from all your effort, all the time.

Flaér – feel it.
Silverback Bikes (Germany)
Silverback is a German bike brand developing Lightweight Performance Bicycles. With it's Global Operations Centre located in Stuttgart, Germany and offices around the globe Silverback is perfectly poised for global domination. The brand has evolved into one of the worlds fastest growing global bike brands, focused on developing proprietary product by the best minds, using the best technology. Our innovative approach has gained recognition worldwide.

Silverback is now available in 49 Countries, and has won many global Design Awards and keeps outclassing competitors on the World Cup racing circuit.

Silverback was founded with the persistent belief to do the right things. To offer the right product, at the right price. In our evolution, we’ve managed to remain true to our company's mission; to create a company with a sense of value.

We create- we innovate, we dedicate our time to build a brand for the people. Our promise: To capture the hearts of the people with inspiring designs, focused on function, and in its purist forms.
Cycloc (UK)
Cycloc’s first product, Solo, was manufactured in 2006 and represented a turning point in how people stored their bikes at home. Our philosophy is simple, to design products that any cyclist will love to live with. By combining sculpted form and effortless function Cycloc create perfect products for integrating bicycles with interior spaces.

Cycloc is globally recognised as having created the market for design-led cycle storage and display solutions. We continue to lead in this sector with an evolving range of cycle storage products and accessories. Based in London’s creative east end, we design all our products in house and manufacture exclusively in the UK.
Tall Order (UK)
A BMX company designing and engineering frames and parts specifically to be ridden at the highest level on transitions of all types and sizes.
TOKEN (Taiwan)
Design and development of premium bicycle parts and accessories, including amongst numerous other items, wheels, bearing technology, bottom brackets, headsets.
X-SOCKS (Switzerland)
At X-SOCKS® scientists, engineers and designers join forces to develop the highest performance functional clothing enhancing your performance under all climatic conditions. Our visionary philosophy: using bionic principles to maximise your performance. Our visionary development process: interdisciplinary teamwork, unconventional thinking, scientific research and development. The result: more than 200 international patents and state of the art technologies.

Developed in Switzerland and manufactured in Italy X-SOCKS® represents extraordinary quality and functionality unlike anybody else. More than 560 international design awards and test wins for top quality, functionality, usability and innovation speak for themselves.

Inspiration is nature. Whether animal or plant, the peculiarities and performance of nature fascinate. The natural processes could be adopted step by step as X-SOCKS® technologies. In the beginning, there was a revolutionary functional sock. An innovative jacket was added. As in the course of evolution, development has been continuously perfected. The X-BIONIC® and X-SOCKS® patents for groundbreaking solutions increased. Instead of bulging socks, ergonomically shaped, multifunctional constructions were used which maintain the nature-identical barefoot climate. Instead of sweat-absorbing substances, new materials were used that return energy to the body instead of absorbing it. We live our philosophy "turn sweat into energy®".
Après Vélo (Australia)
APRES VELO (French for "After Cycle”) designs, produces and sell through its global E commerce platform (www.apresvelo.com) distinctly stylish fashion and lifestyle product with a twist.

Our products embody a celebration of the cycling lifestyle, with the story being told through beautiful cycling-inspired fashion and lifestyle accessories. Cycling is our medium for storytelling. Fashion is our heritage.
qué grande ser ciclista ® (Spain)
Products designed to make in love cyclist family.
Kink BMX (USA)
Kink BMX began in 1994 by Zack Phillips a BMX rider himself. He was breaking parts on his bike daily and saw a need for higher quality. He investigated better materials and manufacturing processes. Today the continue to make all the parts and accessories along with complete BMX bikes.
NEVER TOO SERIOUS not to be taken lightly.
Fiend BMX (USA)
20" BMX complete bicycles, parts and accessories.
HideMyBell (Netherlands)
Mathijs Wagenaar, founder of the unique HideMyBell concept, has been riding bikes practically all his life. As an elite rider he won races in several disciplines, but MTB was his speciality, riding World Cups and even a World Championship. After his sports career Mathijs became an editor for the Dutch cycling magazine Fiets, writing reviews about bikes, bike parts, clothing, you name it. In an attempt to increase safety and mutual respect among cyclist he came up with the idea of a bell that was so cool, that people would actually want it on their road bike or MTB. The HideMyBell concept was born. Mathijs’ industrial product design education came in handy when he printed the first prototypes in March 2015. The rest is (hidden) history.

  • March 2015: first 3D prototypes
  • September 2015: Kickstarter project launched
  • October 2015: introduction on Dutch trade show Bike Motion
  • July 2016: first multi compatible version released: HideMyBell 2.0
  • October 2016: introduction HideMyBell 2.0 on Bike Motion
  • November 2016: ex pro cyclist Gert Jacobs becomes ambassador
  • April 2017: check out this Instagram message from Chris Froome
  • June 2017: HideMyBell Mini released
  • July 2017: HideMyBell is now Topeak RideCase/Lezyne compatible
  • August 2017: Universal Light Adapter released

BBB Cycling (Netherlands)
BBB Cycling has been there for the enthusiastic cyclist for more than two decades. We cherish the community of recreative cyclists who ride their bikes because of the joy they get out of it. BBB wants to be inspiring, creative and offer something different than the competition. We are passionate about our work and want to provide products that are better than the alternative.

But let’s make one thing clear; offering products that are great value-for-money is in our DNA. We want to supply everyone who is affected by the cycling virus with our products (bike parts, wear and accessories) so everybody can enjoy their beloved sport a little bit more.
Lavelle Bikes (UK)
Lavelle bikes designs, manufactures and sells its own range of ebikes. We are a British company which manufactures a unique bike "The Power bike" for urban active usage. Our product is designed from scratch to be an ebike which allows us to make radical decisions design-wise.
Canyon (Germany)
Canyon started life as Radsport Arnold back in 1985. What began as a business run out of founder Roman Arnold’s garage has evolved into one of the bike industry’s leading innovators.

Following the success of the first ever Canyon bikes developed in the late 90s, the company changed its name to Canyon Bicycles GmbH in 2001. For years, talented engineers and designers have been drawn to Koblenz, Germany, for the development of an ever-expanding range of road, mountain, triathlon, fitness and urban bikes.

Canyon’s technology-first approach focusses on applying the most cutting-edge materials, working together with the world’s best riders and ensuring everything produced delivers the finest quality and performance. Canyon products are available exclusively via direct sales.
Lake Cycling (Netherlands)
In 1982 we started our journey to make the finest cycling shoes possible for all cyclists, and today we celebrate our 35th anniversary of doing just that.

Over the past three and a half decades we have taken some bold and innovative “first” steps: we introduced the first Nylon sole cycling shoe with innersole; this was followed by the first Mountain Bike shoe, first Triathlon shoe, first cold weather winter cycling shoe, first Thermoform custom heat moldable shoe and first Cyclocross specific shoe.

Many viewed these as risky modernizations; however, we like to think of it more as a continuous adventure in pushing the boundaries of cycling shoe fit, function, performance, and design. We thank our loyal customers and future ones to be. We look forward to having you join us on this perpetual adventure.
RideFarr Pty Ltd. (South Africa)
Endurance inspired bike solutions.

Born out of a passion of riding our bikes, we want to offer products that are suited to your needs and ours.

Pursuing your personal best?

Exploring the hills and mountains on your latest adventure?

Racing your heart out on the road or dirt?

We have products that will make it more enjoyable / easier/ faster.

Armed with a passion and love of bike and great design, we are inspired to create products that are literally born on the ride!

So when you are headed out the door, be sure to enjoy the ride and #ridefarr!
Momsen Bikes (South Africa)
Bikes designed and refined in South Africa.

#sabikeco #forgedintheuntamed #momsenbikes
Sarto SRL (Italy)
Superior Italian craftsmanship: this is the defining element of the company founded by Antonio and his son Enrico, who are proud to represent, both at home and abroad, the pride and tenacity of a nation so rich in creativity and enthusiasm.

The 100% Handmade in Italy trademark is the strength they both believe in and the means that has allowed them to establish their name and gain market share over the years.

More than 2500 frames are produced each year thanks to a team of specialists, starting with the design of the frame, to the cutting and laminating of the tubes up to the painting and testing.

Personalization is our strength, which allows us to satisfy the customer’s every need: the choice of materials, the shape of the tubes, made-to-measure geometries, graphics and reinforcements in Kevlar or titanium/carbon. Every feature of a Sarto frame can be changed and selected by the customer.

Each year we design and create new models, which are presented at the most important trade fair before making their way around the world.

We believe in the services we offer, we believe in the product made entirely in Italy with our own hands. Thanks to this combination of factors, we are positioned in an exclusive market segment, allowing our flag to outshine over other nations, without fear of competition.

Our products are available in made-to-measure sizes with custom tubes or materials best suited to meet the needs of athletes. All of these advantages make the frame unique in every sense.
Velco (France)
Velco is a French company based in Nantes.

Our goal is to conceive solutions for a smarter and more personalized urban mobility. We propose hardware associated with software solutions to companies and individuals. We are selling products to bring services online.

On the bicycle market we created Wink Bar, a smart and connected handlebar that you can control through your smartphone!
SIROKO (Spain)
SIROKO is a Sunglasses, Clothing, Sports and content marketing company.

What you are is what you do.
Vellow Bike Apparel (Canada)
More than technical bike apparel, your kit is an expression of your personality, and out on the road, anything goes. With a love of the bike and a passion for thoughtful, engaging design, we are driven to create a kit aesthetic that matches the outgoing personalities of the cycling community.
THOK E-bikes (Italy)
THOK’s goal is to create an e-mtb among the best on the market.

Created thanks to the collaboration between Stefano Migliorini, Giuseppe Bernocco and Sebastiano Astegiano, THOK sets passion and experience behind its ambitious project: being able to create a bicycle that can blend the advantages and peculiarities of a MTB with the comfort and the practicality of an electric motor. THOK uses unique skills and materials among the best on the market with the aim of enabling a greater sharing of MTB experience, cutting down the athletic differences between cyclists thanks to the technology used. Aldo Drudi and D-Performance team took care of the design of THOK products, looking for aggressive, yet harmonious lines and designing graphics that make these e-mtbs even more appealing.

Luca Burzio (360 Engineeriing DE), a renowned engineer in bicycle industry, has been called to refine the chassis geometry by creating a bicycle with exceptional handling thanks to the low gravity center secured by the strategic positioning of the battery.

Tony Bou, 22 times Trial World Champion with Montesa Honda, participated in the development of the THOK Limited Edition, the top of the range, helped by years of experience and win on the two wheels.

The result is a product that meets the most demanding riders, with an extreme comfort on all types of surfaces, a unique design and a rideability at the top of the category. All these features come together with the Shimano Steps E8000, the currently smallest engine present on the market, with an incredibly progressive supply.

MIGs, THOK‘s first products, are a focus of all these features, making them unique in their gender.

Ride them once and you’ll realize it.

There are several ways to develop an e-bike concept. THOK’s vision focuses on performance, as a direct influence of its creator: Stefano Migliorini.
Pedal Plate (Netherlands)
Pedal Plate as a concept has its origin in the second half of 2016, when Marc van der Heide started with the development of the first prototypes of the Pedal Plate. That start was triggered by him using his road bike for commuting, short trips and on holidays for more than sports alone. The goal was to make more use of your road bike without the hassle of changing or bringing extra shoes.

Early 2017 the company Pedal Plate became a fact and after applying for the patent we started a Kickstarter campaign to raise funds for the first production run. It was very encouraging to see that many people had faith in the product and pre-ordered one or more sets on Kickstarter.

From end of may the Pedal Plates are produced in the Netherlands and we are very proud that the packing is now done in one of the sheltered workplaces of “Ons Tweede Thuis”(translated: “Our Second Home”). It make us very proud to be supporting employment for those who have difficulties finding regular jobs.

This all makes the original a product that is 100% Dutch and has already found its way to customers in over 30 countries already.
Christini All Wheel Drive Bicycles (USA)
Christini Technologies designs and builds the world's only All Wheel Drive Mountain Bikes. Christini’s patented mechanical All Wheel Drive system delivers power from the rear of the bicycle to the front wheel through a series of gears, shafts, and chain all mounted within or on the frame. Located in Philadelphia, PA, all of our bikes are handbuilt and assembled locally to deliver you the highest quality bike with the amazing AWD technology!
Flebi Soluciones S.L. (Spain)
FLEBI is a manufacturer of folding, light and electric bikes founded in Spain in 2010 with the objective of providing mobility solutions to respond to a global need that arises in many european cities having a firm commitment to promote a sustainable urban mobility.
Dyson Bikes (Australia)
Dyson Bikes is Australia's favourite e-bike brand. We are 100% Australian owned and design our bikes to survive (and thrive in) Aussie conditions.
Vincita Company Limited (Thailand)
Founded in 1987, Vincita is a Bangkok-based company dedicated to making modern and practical cycling bags.

Yingsak Sinhaseni, the founder of the company constantly innovates to make better bike bags to meet the needs of the diverse cyclist. He began making prototypes and having it tested by many adventurous cyclists. Also providing jobs for a small community of underprivileged women in Thailand. His ethical way of running the business is now being passed on to the next generation.

Our directors, Pailin and Gem the two sisters enjoy traveling, cycling and outdoor activities. Now aiming to bring more lifestyle-related designs to the market. We listen to what cyclists tell us about their ideal products, find better solutions to solve their problems and then create them in the Vincita design studio with our passionate team.

Being travelers ourselves, we value the joy of traveling. Just like everyone else, we love seeing picturesque views of new places and finding new alternative routes. Also enjoy meeting new people, exchanging stories and watching how traveling slowly changes our perspective of life. “One’s destination is never a place, but a new way of seeing things” - Henry Miller

Today Vincita cycling bags are being used everywhere from Boston to Singapore.
Gates Carbon Drive (USA)
Gates Corporation is an engineering leader with a legacy of creating long-lasting, superior-performing power transmission products. From driving blowers on 10,000 horsepower racing engines to working with industry leaders from motorcycles to manufacturing, Gates has been offering its drivetrain expertise to the automotive, industrial, and engine powered world since 1911. Gates is proud to bring its unparalleled standards, unwavering product support, and proven product development capacity to the bicycle market.
Factor Bikes (Taiwan)
Our name may be new to you but our work isn’t. Our engineers and factory have created some of the world’s most sought-after road bikes, bikes that helped redefine what we expect from a carbon fibre road bike. We were there when the first reliable kilogram frames were produced and we were the first to break the 900g barrier and then the 800g barrier.

We’ve produced bikes that have won many of the world’s great races, from Classics to Tour de France stages, even the overall for the Tour de France and the Giro.

Our engineers pioneered processes that are considered the state of the art for the carbon fibre bicycle. Our work has been emulated by nearly every factory and every bike brand working in carbon.

There came a point when we realized that the only way we could produce bikes that exploited the full range of our creativity and expertise was to launch our own brand. We are now able to control every feature of the design—the geometry, the frame shape, the fibre choice and the layup.

Because we own the factory, because we live locally, because we can step into the factory anytime we choose, we have the ability to move from design to prototype to production at a speed no major manufacturer can match.

We are cyclists and every day we come to work with a passion to make the best bicycles we can. We strive for excellence for the simple reason that an excellent bike is the one we want to ride.
Black Inc (Taiwan)
Owned by former Tour de France Green Jersey winner, Baden Cooke, Black Inc Wheels represents the next generation of high performance racing wheel sets.

Unlike the majority of bike brands, Black Inc owns its own factory with over 20 years of experience making World Tour-level bicycles and bicycle related parts.

All of Black Inc’s products have integral technical direction and field testing feedback from Baden Cooke and fellow former pro rider and Factor Bikes Ambassador David Millar (holder of leader’s jerseys in all three Grand Tours during the development process of the entire product range).

Despite only being on the market for a short time, Black Inc has already built a strong racing heritage partnering with some of the best UCI Pro Continental and Continental teams in both Europe and Asia such as the UK’s first Pro Continental Team ONE Pro Cycling Team and Continental Team Team Trefor from Denmark.

Black Inc’s team of industry leading engineers are constantly striving to make the ultimate performance racing wheels.
SITAEL S.p.A. (Italy)
SITAEL S.p.A is the largest Italian privately owned company operating in the space industry and belonging to Angel holding, a worldwide leading Transportation and Aerospace Group with more than 1000 qualified employees.

In the bike Industry SITAEL IoT division has developed ESB, the first e-bike connectivity system.

In continuous improvement to push forward the bike connectivity boundaries, ESB integrates e-Bike, mobile and cloud-computing technologies by using custom-designed electronics with embedded GPS/GPRS modules. The result is an advanced solution that offers innovative features to professionals while guarantees the bike security and a superior riding experience.

With state-of-the-art facilities, SITAEL manages all stages of production, offering highly safe and reliable turnkey solutions for Industrial, Railways and Space Markets as demonstrated by the press notoriety over the involvement in the Curiosity Rover mission on Mars by NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration). Thanks to an obsessive attention to details paid to processes and systems design at every developmental and manufacturing stage by an exceptionally qualified staff, SITAEL has been successful in meeting its customers’ needs. Regardless of the market they are involved in, SITAEL has assured performance and reliability in their products and solutions.
Van Nicholas (Netherlands)
It is not enough simply for our bikes to look beautiful, they must also perform exceptionally. And exceptional performance is wasted if our bikes cannot stand up to everyday use. This is the challenge that gets us out of bed every day. Our solution? Titanium. And experts who know their trade.

We began life as a Dutch family company before becoming part of the famous Dutch bike brand Koga in 2012. Every member of our team is mindful of the proud tradition of cycling in Holland and shares a passion for this legacy of innovation in form and function. We are all united in our quest to achieve perfection in modern bicycle design; in constructing our bikes to the highest possible standard; in unparalleled customer service; in delivering the Van Nicholas experience with pride. We are dedicated to providing the ride of a lifetime, for a lifetime of riding, wherever you are in the world.

The central tenet of our philosophy is simple, old-fashioned craftsmanship. No one cares more about the finished product than the skilled workers who put their names to it. The designer, the fabricator, the mechanic. But believing in craftsmanship does not mean we ignore modern technologies. We are constantly seeking to evolve. For example, we created the first Seamless Hydroformed Titanium frame. And a divisible road handlebar, specifically designed for the Rohloff Speedhub. We also design and manufacture our own range of state-of-the-art apparel and components.

We believe that ‘Nothing Looks, Rides or Lasts like a Van Nicholas’. But don’t take our word for it, please see for yourself. We hope you’ll come to agree with us.
Cotic (UK)
We make bikes we love to ride; it sounds simple and obvious, but it's true. It all started in 2002 with the Soul - our now legendary long travel trail hardtail - which Cy wanted to be a strong, light, fun, durable steel hardtail which could use long forks, big tyres and proper brakes. No one made one at the time, so he designed his dream bike and founded Cotic to share that with other riders. That's why Cotic exists today. We are a truly independent bike company, not some 'little guy' front to a big distributor or corporation.
BRT Bikes (Spain)
BRT Bikes is a Spanish/Swiss company, specialized on high end carbon bicycles and wheels for road and triathlon.

Passion is what drives our future and inspires our new creations, offering a unique cycling experience at a fair price.

This is achieved through our “BRT Custom Bikes” program, where firstly each and every piece of the bicycle is defined by the customer, afterwards our factory in Spain assembles the bicycle, finishing the process with an exhaustive quality control before it’s packed and shipped all over the globe or directly picked up at our premises.
BikeFit (USA)
Bike Fit Systems' (BikeFit) origins date back to 1995 when Cleat Wedges were originally conceived. Although known by different names for the last 20 years, BikeFit’s products are used by cyclists and triathletes in every major cycling and triathlon event around the world, from the Spring Classics to the three Grand Tours, from long distance triathlon to Ironman World Championships. The products have been used in countless national championships, world championships, and by an Olympic Gold medalist.

BikeFit is committed to providing cyclists with more comfort, power, and efficiency. Through products and knowledge, we offer every rider the opportunity to make cycling more enjoyable. Whether you’ve purchased your first set of clipless pedals or have been riding for 30 years, we can improve your ride. Ride farther, push harder, and reach new cycling goals with BikeFit.
Diavelo (Netherlands)
Diavelo is a design and development company who work for A brands in the automotive industry and in the bicycle industry for leightweight electric vehicles.

We have a patentet battery solution called inside frame battery concept. This concept you will see on most of our latest bikes from Bugatti, Maserati, Pininfarina, Kawasaki, Diavelo, Witt etc.
Catrike (USA)
Catrike was created in 2000 by Paulo Camasmie, a Brazilian Mechanical Engineer. Paulo always dreamed of designing, engineering and manufacturing new quality products to improve people’s lives. Catrike is the fruit of that vision. The desire and pursuit of building the best possible recumbent trike.

At Catrike we focus on product development, engineering and process design. The result is a line of great products that are user-friendly, look fantastic, work flawlessly, require very low maintenance, and are sure to provide many years of fun and pleasure at an affordable price.
Williams Cycling (USA)
We are a collection of skilled individuals who serve cycling enthusiasts, amateur and professional athletes around the world. Our passion drives our desire to provide our customers with light, stiff and durable products. We strive to deliver products without compromise.

Williams Cycling has been designing and building wheels for eleven years. Based out of Lodi, California, Williams wheels are hand built in the United States with Sapim spokes an along with hubs and rims manufactured in Taiwan. Williams was one of the first companies to pioneer direct to consumers of high-end bicycle wheels and components. With an established online presence, Williams Cycling has moved to established itself with independent bike shops and is in the process of building a nationwide dealer network.
TBK Bike (Spain)
TBK Bike is a Spanish brand specialized in handmade wooden bikes. Ours designs are for lovers of nature and city, but also elegance and originality with and important goal: sustainable mobility.

Why wood? The answer is clear: experiencing freedom is possible when riding a TBK Bike because the pedalling in a wooden bike is much more comfortable than any other bike due to the unique physical and mechanical properties of the natural wood fibre. Its specific molecular structure gives it unique qualities in absorbing the vibrations, while maintaining its original form unalterably.

On the other hand, wood is a friendly material to the environment, a renewable raw material whose sustainable use benefits the environment and society. Almost imperceptibly, wood surrounds us in our everyday life and qualities include that it is recyclable, contributes to mitigate climate change, hardly uses energy or emit C02 in their preparation and offers solutions that enable innovative designs. The woods from which they manufacture their bikes come from sustainably managed forests.

Finally, as if it were a fingerprint, the wood grain gives their designs a unique characteristic. No bike is like another.

TBK Bike commercialize urban models bikes, with electric version, road and gravel bikes. They also have wooden accessories, as pedals, mudguards and bars.
ProViz (UK)
Proviz is an International Award Winning Sports Brand, distributed in 40 countries, and has the largest range of specialist enhanced visibility sports products on the market. It is renowned for its innovation and quality.

It all started in 2008 in a small flat in London where two brothers were commuting to their corporate jobs. It was during their daily commutes by bike to work that they realised the limitations of the products they were using. They identified a gap in the market to provide highly innovative, light-emitting and reflective cycling products. Inspired by their experiences (good and bad!) and with no prior retail or product manufacturing experience they designed five innovative cycling products.

It took a lot of time and research to identify and engage the correct manufacturers but the founders had a desire to push innovation and product development in a niche area where they believed it was missing. The founders set about building a brand that would address this need, synonymous with innovation, performance and being highly effective. Most importantly, the desire was to create products that customers loved and that made a difference in their lives.

The founders had to learn quickly. They soon became accustomed to working all hours of the day in order to co-ordinate manufacturers from around the world. Following positive feedback from independent testers and retailers the products were soon put in to manufacturing.
AZUB Bike (Czech Republic)
AZUB was founded in 2000 by Aleš Zemánek in Uherský Brod, giving it a brand name at the same time. It is an abbreviation made up of Aleš’s initials and the initials of our town. We started out as a cheap East European brand of recumbents and after fifteen years of great effort, we are among the best recumbent manufacturers. From the very beginnings we have pursued our aim – to make the best recumbents in the world. Confucius once said: “A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step”. So we set off on ours. Having a run-of-the-mill production line spitting out the same bikes day in and day out would not be for us. Why should a rider adapt to the bicycle? We think it should be the other way round! So we produce bikes and trikes which are highly customizable and which are built to customers' needs and wishes.
Spank Industries (Taiwan)
With turn-key, in-house design, development, testing, and production, and notable rider-input, SPANK Industries’ vision is to create the perfect symbiosis of weight optimization, enhanced performance, and cutting edge style and to do it at affordable prices. SPANK leads the charge in the move toward responsible production of safe, high performance carbon fiber alternatives. SPANK is a brand with equal parts technology and product innovations, as it has heart and commitment to MTB.
Dream Bikes (Italy)
Dream Bikes is like a bike jewellery, produce and sells high end, exotic and ultralite parts to customize road racing and mountain bikes.
CyclingCeramic (France)
CyclingCeramic is one of top company making their ceramic bearings by hand and manufacturing with 100% components made in Europe. CyclingCeramic support top WorldTour teams and top triathletes. We manufacture Bottom Brackets, pulley wheels, wheelset bearings, racing chains and Oversized pulley wheels.

Nominated for the Best Mountain Bike 2017

Silverback Superspeed
Silverback Bikes (Germany) - The Superspeed is our new flagship race ready 29er carbon performance hardtail. Our Monoburst technology has the seat stays joining the top tube without connecting to the seat tube, helping to stream the bump forces into the top tube and allow the seat tube to flex a little for added traction and comfort.

This frame is stiff and efficient but also offers vertical compliance in the chain stays, top tube, seat tube, and down tube to maintain good comfort levels for marathon and cross country racing, not normally available to hardtail racers, the Superspeed is a technologically advanced hardtail frame, where the design utilizes material properties to elevate the functionality of the design.

Short chainstays are possible with the single ring only setup, and creates an agile and nimble race machine, ready for any course that comes its way.

Top carbon materials combined with a careful layup process ensure each frame is performance ready and super light. A minimalist lightweight integrated chainguard ensures the chain stays on during the roughest trails encountered.

Frame weight sub 1000gr, ISO tested for rider safety, features Boost spacing and accommodates large volume tyres and larger chainring options.

Fully guided internal cable routing with dropper post compatibility. The rear brake bridge acts as brace between seat stay and chainstay - protects the caliper and adds strength whilst reducing weight.

The Silverback Superspeed starts off with a high tech, top quality frame. To compliment this we only use top end race-ready parts, including a 100mm Fox Stepcast fork with under-bar mounted lockout lever, SRAM XX1 Eagle 1 x 12 drivetrain with a 500% gear range for efficient climbing and high top speed. Brakes are Shimano XTR M9000 with Ice-Tec rotors for sufficient stopping power, excellent modulation and great reliability.

A super tough, lightweight Stans Valour Carbon wheelset, Valor Pro rims on Neo Ultimate boost spacing hubs (1330g for the set including rim tape) completes the package.

Weighing in at 9.15kg, the Superspeed is a purebred race machine.
Canyon Exceed CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race LTD
Canyon (Germany) - The Exceed CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race LTD combines together the best hardtail tech to make the sort of bike that can help you win anything from the marathon mountain bike world championships to a personal best on your favourite local climb.

The carbon fibre frame for 29 inch wheels offers the low weight and responsive ride that will help you kick it over long, steep alpine climbs.

Equipped with the Fox Factory 32 Step Cast Remote suspension fork with 100 mm of travel, this Exceed will absorb the trail bumps without deadening the handling and killing your climbing since it comes with a lockout remote.

Simplicity and functionality are the keys to the 12-speed SRAM XX1 Eagle with its single 34-tooth ring at the front, and crisp shifting with the Eagle rear derailleur that has the capacity to work with the cassette spread from 10 teeth to 50, guaranteeing the full range of gears for every terrain.

The SRAM Level Ultimate brakes will help you stay in complete control whether you are feathering them with one finger or slamming them to avoid over-cooking a corner. The Reynolds Black Label XC wheels enhance the entire package with their lightweight carbon rimmed durability.

Weighing just 1400 grams, these are high-performance wheels ready to tackle your biggest races and toughest courses. And the Maxxis IKON 2.2 tires will ensure the grip you need to keep rubber-side down. And since the Kind Shock Lev CI Carbon Dropper Post comes equipped on this Exceed, you’ll be able to attack those tricky, technical descents at speed and in total control.

Ordering the Exceed CF SLX 9.0 Pro Race LTD will give you the tool you need to make your biggest dreams become your biggest successes.
Cotic (UK) - In short, it's a brilliant all round trail, all mountain or enduro bike. It has a fleet footed feel, smooth rolling, high traction climbing performance, allied to a swaggering, "let's do this" attitude when you're flying back down the other side of the hill.

It feels just as happy whipping between the trees, smashing your best stage time, or flat out on an uplift day.

Nominated for the Best Road Bike 2017

Silverback Scalera
Silverback Bikes (Germany) - The Scalera is a race-bred high performance carbon road bike. Silverback design combines rigidity and aerodynamics into a highly attractive package.

The Toray carbon layup is stiff and lightweight and has been carefully calculated to meet the high demands of racing cyclists.

The geometry is adapted and finely tuned for every size, resulting in an accurate and agile ride feel at all speeds for riders of every stature.

Truncated aero tubing along with a horizontal top tube, considered aerodynamic principles, and maximized frame weight-to-stiffness ratio ensures a high performance, super light, race-ready machine. The Scalera is extremely responsive to rider input, whilst retaining a level of rider comfort for longer days in the saddle without unnecessary fatigue due to equipment.

The Scalera has been approved by the UCI for the fork & frame, meeting and exceeding safety- as well as racing standards.

Silverback aims to be Best In Class, translating to top quality components, rider focused design, at an unbeatable price point in its class.

Bike weight: 7.94kg (M).

Full Ultegra 6800 Groupset. The Ultegra 6800 groupset ensures reliability and durability, whilst keeping weight down, enhancing the ride experience aboard the Scalera.
Canyon Aeroad CF SLX Disc 9.0 LTD
Canyon (Germany) - Once you have worked all winter and early spring to get down to your race weight, the only improvement left to make is an upgrade in equipment.

Ordering the Aeroad CF SLX Disc 9.0 LTD equipped with the 11-speed SRAM e-Tap HRD hydraulic disc brakes will be the bike to help you leap up to the next level of performance. Have no fear that incorporating the disc brakes into the Aeroad design will in some way hamper or compromise performance.

The handling is just as sharp, and the comfort levels just as pronounced as you’ll find on the rim brake version of the Aeroad. In fact, the hydraulic disc brakes enhance the Aeroad so you will feel confident racing it to its very limits since you will be able to count on the exceptionally effective braking, no matter the conditions.

The wireless SRAM e-Tap gives the most advanced shifting technology on this bike The ergonomics of the hoods and levers will also work extremely well whether you have very large or more petit hands. Combining with the efficiency of the braking modulation, the Reynolds Aero 65 ATR Disc Carbon wheels have been designed to offer the ultimate in control and efficiency in all wind conditions.

So you won’t have to worry about wheel bobble when braking hard on a descent with steep switchbacks to negotiate. Not only the frame, fork and wheels have been aerodynamically honed. The S27 seatpost shares the Trident 2.0 shape that typifies the aero frame, and still offers a degree of vibration absorption thanks to Canyon’s VCLS technology. Similarly, the H11 aero integrated handlebar and stem gives the Aeroad a slim face to the wind, and a stable, comfortable cockpit from which to control the whole machine.

The Aeroad CF SLX Disc 9.0 LTD will enhance every ride and motivate you to pile on the kilometres.
R355 Gravel Plus
Momsen Bikes (South Africa) - R355


Gravel. Groad. Whatever the name for this style of bike – they are FUN! Our Full Carbon, Full Fun 1×11 R355 is what you never knew you needed. All the latest MTB tech in a Dropbar version. Try it!

  • Carbon Gravel Plus Frame – 27.5 X 2.10 / 700 X 50C / 29 X 2.10 Compatibility
  • Sram Force1 1 X 11 Drivetrain
  • Through-Axles front and rear
  • Sram HRD Hydraulic Disc Brakes
  • Stan’s ZTR Grail MK3 Tubeless Wheelset
  • Custom Carbon Seatpost for Comfort

Sarto Lampo Road Bike
Sarto SRL (Italy) - Born from the need to satisfy the requirements of the fastest and most powerful cyclists, Lampo, available in both Direct Mount and Disc brakes versions, is the custom carbon frame by Sarto Srl, which better combines aerodynamic features with stiffness into a unique bicycle.

Through careful CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamic) analysis, every profile of the tube set that forms our Lampo has been optimized from the aerodynamic point of view. This brand new Lampo uses “Triple Edge” technology on its down tube, fork and top tube, consisting of special tube shaping. “Triple edge” technology allows to control the airflow around the stripes and delays the detachment of the outer layer from the surface of the tube so that the air can flow with less resistance. This effect is very similar to that of the dimples on a golf ball.

The down tube that integrates the fork, ISOFLOW seat stays, internal cable routing, seat tube with Kamm tail aero profile and Triple Edge Technology are just some of the most striking aspects resulting from aerodynamic studies. In addition to these peculiar characteristics that identify Lampo, the high stiffness of the frame enhanced by the integrated oversized seat tube minimizes the energy dissipation.
Factor O2 Disc
Factor Bikes (Taiwan) - Think back on the qualities you’ve most admired in the bikes you’ve ridden. If you’re anything like us, that list includes rock-solid handling at speed, confidence in corners, comfort over those roughest roads, stiffness as you gut out a sprint and a fit that didn’t require a million spacers or a custom stem.

The people responsible for how the O2 rides all raced at the ProTour level. This is the bike they wish they had when they were racing. We know first-hand how important solid handling is. We also know that a bike can be too stiff and what that will do to a body when you’re racing for five or six hours a day for days on end.

What we’ve found is that it’s important for a bike to have enough stiffness. Rather than use one steerer dimension for all sizes, we have size-specific tubes and layups so that the feel of our largest frame is the same as the feel of our smallest frame. The O2 is meant to impart an experience, not a look.

Another significant difference between this O2 and the bikes our ex-pros rode is the inclusion of disc brakes. Once you’ve had a chance to ride disc brakes and enter a mountain switchback with the hot speed of a go-kart on a race track and enjoyed the incredible stopping power and precise control that disc brakes offer, going back to rim calipers feels like putting down tube shifters back on the bike. This is the version of the O2 our own staff prefer.

As a factory producing bikes for other companies, we were in at the ground floor developing the first layups for disc brake road bikes. We know what it takes to produce a frame and fork strong enough to take the braking loads of disc brakes without the ride becoming too harsh. And while many manufacturers have had to resort to relaxed geometry to make room for the caliper and rotors, we’ve maintained exactly the same geometry as the rim-brake version of the O2; it gives up nothing in handling.

Even though the O2 doesn’t share the aerodynamic goals of the One, that doesn’t mean we’ve ignored aerodynamics altogether. From the smooth transitions and rounded tube shapes, the lack of sharp edges was a conscious decision to design a bike that performed without compromise without simultaneously giving the bike an aerodynamic flaw that would hurt its rider’s quest for speed. There’s more to a great carbon fiber frame than just designing a great shape and using good materials. The O2 is a study in the dark art of layup. Not only do we choose particular materials for their ability to contribute to the bike’s stiffness and ride quality, we cut them to exacting standards and place them in carefully selected locations, making sure the layers overlap no more than necessary; extra fiber is a waste, both in performance and weight.

Without such careful attention to detail we wouldn’t be able to produce a frame that weighs 740 grams that is stiff enough to contest Paris-Roubaix and strong enough to still be rideable after a crash.
Van Nicholas (Netherlands) - Named after Skeiron, the Greek god of the north-west wind, Van Nicholas hope their new road bike will be as swift and powerful as its mythical namesake. Designed to appeal to the fast-paced rider from all over the world in search of the very latest road-racing innovations, the Skeiron boasts state-of-the-art technical features that place it at the cutting edge of Titanium race bike technology. And on Wednesday 30th of August the Skeiron won a golden Eurobike Award in the category 'Racing Bikes'.

“Our main goal was innovation by integration,” explains Ralph Moorman, General Manager of Van Nicholas, “so we designed the Skeiron with integrated cable and hose routing; clean and unique for a Titanium frame.” In keeping with the integrated concept, the front fork has also been designed to accommodate the front brake hose and blend seamlessly with the frame – a neat ergonomic touch that also enhances the bike’s aerodynamic performance. “We also optimised the frame for rigidity at the four key stress points by incorporating a press-fit bottom bracket, ovalised down tube and hydroformed, tapered chain stays, tapered head and top tubes, and 12mm thru-axles for the wheels,” says Ralph. “It’s so good at laying down the power – a very quick bike indeed!”

The technical innovation doesn’t stop there: flat-mounts for the disc-brakes have been developed to provide aerodynamic advantages by hiding the mounting bolts and tucking the brake callipers closer to the frame; the internal cables and hose can be easily replaced through the well-thought out cap underneath the bottom bracket; and if super clean lines are your thing, the latest Di2 electronic shifting is available as an option.

Titanium purists will be pleased to hear that Titanium’s fabled comfort has not been forgotten in the quest for technical perfection, with seat post and seat stays optimised to allow the right degree of flexibility to kill road buzz, without sacrificing power output. It all adds up to a light, quick, technically advanced race machine: optimal rigidity for laying down the power; disc brakes for unparalleled feel and stopping force; aero-optimised features and Titanium’s magical ride. The innovative integration of the Skeiron will leave other bikes floundering in its slipstream.

The Skeiron is available as a complete build in the sizes XS t/m XXL (48, 51, 54, 57, 60 and 64) with a total price from € 3.499,-. A frameset with front fork will cost € 2.099,-. You can order the Skeiron with its classic titanium look, or with the special decal set on the frame as you can see on the photo.
BRT Bikes cw 2.0 Premium
BRT Bikes (Spain) - cw; physical abbreviation for “drag coefficient”, used to quantify the resistance of an object in relation to air or water.

High end Toray carbon frame, highly aggressive full speed oriented geometry, unique fork design with an integrated carbon air deflector, optimized drop shape carbon seatpost and hidden aero brakes keeps the cw at a minimum making it already a winner combination.

In combination with the superb BRT U-50 carbon wheels and Shimano Ultegra groupset the bike become the best in class aero missile making each ride a unique experience
Road Wooden Bike
TBK Bike (Spain) - Features:
  • Frame Manufacture: Ash, Sapele, Wenge, Beech, Cherry and Maple
  • Size: 50cm (M), 54cm (L) y 58 cm (XL)
  • Weight of the Frame: 1,800 kg–
  • Carbon Tips


Nominated for the Best BMX 2017

2018 Hamlin Solace BMX Bike
Kink BMX (USA) - Kink Hamlin Solace Pro complete bike features a double butted frame with removable break mounts, true aftermarket Fork, bars, grips, stem, brakes, sprocket, chain, tires, pegs, seat and seat post.

All of this plus a freecoaster rear hub for the most affordable bike in this category.
DEVOTION / green
  • 21” TT 100% CROMO Frame
  • 100% CROMO Fork
  • Ricany x ODI Grips
  • CULT Forged Salvation V3 Top Load Stem
  • Integrated Headset
  • CULT Nylon Pedals
  • CROMO 3 pc 175mm
  • Heat Treated Cranks
  • Sealed Mid Bottom Bracket
  • CULT 510 Chain
  • Sealed Front Female Hub
  • Sealed 9T Cassette Hub
  • Double Wall Rims Front & Rear
  • 25T Alloy Member Sprocket
  • CULT Pivotal Seat
  • CULT Dehart 2.40 SLICK Tires
  • Removable 990 U-Brake
  • Green Patina Frame w/ ALL Black Parts

Fiend Reynolds v2 Frame
Fiend BMX (USA) - Designed by Garrett and constructed with 100% 4130 chromoly throughout.

Features include a heat-treated Mid bottom bracket shell and Integrated headset head tube, internally gussetted double-butted top tube, externally gussetted double-butted down tube, externally butted seat tube with integrated post clamp, tapered seat stays and 8mm thick invest cast dropouts with integrated chain tensioners.

Available with or without removable brake mounts and cable guides.

Nominated for the Best Kids Bike 2017

Frog Mountain Bike
Frog Bikes (USA) - The NEW Frog Bike mountain bikes are the perfect multi terrain bikes for off-road cycling. With junior specific components, including a tailored suspension fork, these mountain bikes provide a smoother ride for any junior rider. There are 3 model options for the mountain bike: MTB 62 is a 24" wheel, and the MTB 69 & 72 both feature 26" wheels.
  • Lightweight but sturdy frame
  • Frog Bikes junior specific 26"air suspension fork with lockout and damping control
  • Lightweight oversize handlebar and stem
  • Easy-reach junior specific hydraulic brakes
  • Shimano rapid-fire 9 speed shift lever
  • Patented Frog cranks for easier pedalling
  • Quick release seat post for easy height adjustment
  • Kenda MTB tires
  • Free 5 year warranty on frame and forks

  • Lightweight 6061 Aluminum Frame
  • Upgraded Geometry (18” TT)
  • Integrated Headset
  • Mini CULT Dehart Grips
  • Top Load Stem
  • CROMO 3 pc 140mm Cranks
  • CULT Nylon Pedals
  • Sealed Mid Bottom Bracket
  • CULT 410 Chain
  • 9T Cassette Hub
  • 25T Member style Sprocket
  • 1pc Padded Seat w/ CULT logo
  • 2.30 Gum Dehart Slick Tires
  • 990 U-Brake
  • Black Frame w/ Chrome and Black Parts

Silverback Spyke 24+
Silverback Bikes (Germany) - The Spyke 24PLUS with large 24 x 2.6” tyres creates a ride that is both fun and fast on off-road terrain.

With a proprietary frame designed by Silverback to benefit young riders, the larger volume plus sized tyres on the Spyke absorb a lot more of the rough terrain, keeping the bike's momentum going, and also provide plenty of traction in all conditions.

The rigid aluminium frame and Suntour XCM 100 x 15mm boost suspension fork are part of a lightweight package (14,3kg), with great stand-over clearance from the low top tube, enabling young riders to propel themselves up and down hills and easily manage the bike on steep terrain.

Bright, on-trend, eye-catching graphic design with hard wearing decals (applied under the clearcoat in the factory - so can not peel) adds to the appeal for kids and parents alike.

A quick release seatpost clamp for quick and easy height adjust-ability and integrated seatclamp keeps the Sector saddle firmly in position.

Under-top tube cable routing makes for easy set up and maintenance and keeps the cables out of harm's way.

Shimano's Altus 8speed drivetrain, thin profile grips and Promax hydraulic disc brakes with 180mm front and 160mm rear rotors and adjustable reach brake levers for small hands, completes a reliable bike that is easy to climb and also easy to stop when you point it down a slope.

The Spyke 24+ is the perfect mountain bike for aspiring kid racers and will help them with balance and corners on rough terrain.
Canyon Exceed CF 24
Canyon (Germany) - By now you know whether your child loves cycling, and it’s time to splash out on his or her first carbon mountain bike.

Buying the Canyon Exceed CF 24 will give your kid access to a top-quality spec in a small package, so your little athlete can continue to grow a love of the outdoors.

Taking a leaf out of our adult Exceed model line, the Exceed 24 inch is a hardtail mountain bike intended to excel over backcountry trails.

Designed to offer a lightweight manoeuvrability that will be equal to the most advanced MTBers on the junior circuit, while still providing the sort of disc braking power to ensure things will never get out of hand.

The Xfusion Velvet RL2 front suspension fork offers up to 80 mm of travel to cushion young hands and wrists from bigger impacts that they may encounter the deeper into the woods we all love to ride, as well as lockout function to help with efficient climbing.

This is a bike designed to help them push the pace with their XC friends and even give the adults on the trail a run for their money. With one 32 tooth chainring in the front and 11 gears for the rear cassette, this junior mountain bike will give the youngsters the chance to test their limits while trying new trails. The 24 inch wheels will help eat up the tracks, and will be a revelation for the kids, especially if they are coming from 16 inch wheels. Made for athletically ambitious kids between 120cm and 140cm tall, the Canyon Exceed CF 24 will probably be the last stop on their way to graduating to full-fledged adult bikes.

Nominated for the Best Urban Bike 2017

Canyon Commuter 4.0
Canyon (Germany) - If you want to buy a commuting bike that will give you tons of practical and clever solutions to the sorts of issues every committed commuter faces, then the Commuter 4.0 will be a great option.

The most important thing you can expect from an urban commuter like this is durability and comfort. The aluminum frame will be able to withstand the roughest city roads while still offering a good degree of vibration absorption, which is also something the durable and supple 35mm Schwalbe G-ONE ALLROUND tires will help with.

The Shimano SLX rear derailleur will guarantee that you’ll always have clean, crisp shifting and your 11-46 cassette at the rear will give you an efficient ratio paired with the 44-tooth chainring in the front.

Part of staying comfortable also is staying dry. That’s why the Commuter 4.0 comes with Tubus Wingee mudguards. Secure and easily adjustable, they will keep your bum dry even on the wettest roads.

The Commuter 4.0 uses a front hub Shimano DH3D37 Hub Dynamo to connect through internal wiring to the Supernova E3 Pure front lamp and the E3 rear lamp, both of which have been cleverly integrated into the mud guards. They offer road legal lumen output so you’ll be able to see and be seen, and since they are dynamo light, you won’t have to worry about charging them or changing batteries.

Then with the Tubus for Ortlieb Sportroller luggage racks, you can avoid a sweaty back backpacks so often cause. A Hexlox Anti-Theft system will help protect the wheels, seatpost and saddle from anyone who wants to pilfer your parts.

Jump on a Commuter 4.0 and turn your morning commute into something you can actually look forward to making.
Urban Wooden Bike
TBK Bike (Spain) - Features:
  • Frame Manufacture: Ash, Sapele, Wenge, Beech, Cherry and Maple
  • Weight of the Complete Bike 13,5 kg
  • Weight of the Frame: From 2,250 kg
The wood gives our designs an unique characteristic. The different types of wood allow different and exclusive combinations. No bike is like another.

The design is a sign of this longing for comfort, but also for the resistance. Its structure is hollow inside and resembles the monocoque frames boats and the grain of the wood has been respected in order to confer resistance to the bicycle.

Nominated for the Best Trike 2017

Catrike Dumont
Catrike (USA) - Catrike’s 16 years of engineering and experience have come together to create the Dumont.

The rear suspension features a highly progressive travel path combined with a custom spring rate and sophisticated damping for a perfect balance of performance and comfort.

The shock is actuated via a CNC machined swingarm pivoting on precision cartridge bearings to allow the suspension system to operate with seamless efficiency.

Up front, the Dumont employs Catrike’s anti-dive patent-pending front suspension spindle to take the edge off while allowing all wheels to move independently. The result is that the Dumont stays firmly planted on the ground with the active suspension.

The long and low rider position and fully adjustable boom provide stable weight distribution needed for maximum performance while the ergonomic backrest is fully adjustable for the perfect fit. A 26-inch rear wheel and folding feature, round out the Dumont to provide the ultimate ride.
AZUB Bike (Czech Republic) - Cutting-edge technology meets stunning shape and excellent riding properties.

AZUB Ti-FLY is the epitome of an intensive five-year development of our trikes. In 2015, our previous top model, the TRIcon 26 , was presented with the prestigious award “Trike of the Year 2015”, thanks to its superior workmanship, stable steering and the revolutionary design of the rear fork with a 157mm wide hub and a solid-through Syntace axle. In the Ti-FLY model, all these technical details are complemented by a unique technology of titanium front suspension, which makes it the most advanced trike in the world. Experience the comfort and amazing stability this trike offers.

Titanium Grade 5:
The use of the grade 5 aerospace titanium (Ti-6Al-4V) has enabled us to reduce the weight by half (compared to similar solutions from steel), and also to achieve a great look without having to increase the weight by applying paint.

40 mm travel:
The transverse titanium leaf springs provide a comfortable 40mm travel with a progressive end and a soft stop.

Low maintenance:
The use of the renowned IGUS plain bearings requires minimum need for servicing while ensuring easy serviceability at the same time. A tight fit of the connected parts and their smooth operation are guaranteed.

Self stabilization:
Thanks to the transverse link of the left and right wheels with a leaf spring and its specific shape, the stabilization has been cleverly integrated directly into the springing itself. The result is a sleek, high-tech and lightweight self-stabilization.

Nominated for the Best Electric Bike 2017

Power Bike
Lavelle Bikes (UK) - Power Bike Features:
  • Carbon monocoque frame, fork and handlebar in 3k UK made in F1 carbon factory
  • Fully customizable paint or tint color upon order no extra cost
  • Every bike is configured by customer using our range of components
  • Single side fork to reduce weight which allows easy front wheel disassembly, no need to setup the brake every time as it stays on the fork in place
  • Brose motor 250 w and integrated detachable battery 500wh 36v - 100km range
  • Belt drive system from Gates carbon up to 4 times longer life than regular chain and grease free
  • Ergonomic design which allows comfortable ride with no back, neck or wrist pain
  • One size frame which allows from 1,60 to 1,90 Mts
  • Anti theft system with GPS tracker, alarm on mobile based on accelerometer, and permanent GSM data link which tells you your bike location at all times
  • Route planning on your mobile with dynamic range based upon battery status and navigation on your phone and smartwatch IOS and Android compatible
  • Automatic logging system of rider performance (power, cadence, torque, heart rate, etc) matched with your GPS location that can be reviewed in detail on your own personal portal
  • Two year anti-theft warranty - if stolen and not recovered with our system we give you a new one

THOK E-bikes (Italy) - The MIG-R was created for riders looking for an e-mtb incorporating top components offering a unique riding experience in all environments. The low center of gravity, high rigidity and Shimano XT group with 11-46 cassette lay the foundations for this new e-mtb.

Thanks to LGC technology, the position of the battery (a 504Wh battery, water-resistant, with a life expectancy of 1000 charge cycles) guarantees a lower centre of gravity on the MIG, optimizing its weight distribution. This ensures stability and brilliant handling when it is time to negotiate obstacles, both down and uphill.

Thanks to the very short chain stay (450 mm), to the frame geometry (66° head angle and 73° seat angle), to the weight moved very close to the centre of the bike and to the 27.5” Plus wheels, MIG e-bikes offer great handling and maneuverability in downhill sections together with excellent traction in steep and rough climbs, where this quality combines perfectly with the power and progression offered by the Shimano motor.

THOK PROGRESSIVE SYSTEM: The TPS rear suspension system (Horst Link four-bar linkage), with metric shock and dedicated rocker has been specifically designed for e-mtbs. The progressive suspension makes obstacles, even the most challenging, much easier and safer to deal with.

A guard of ABS material, with a closing customized elastic band, effectively protects the Shimano battery against shocks. Easy to remove, it makes for simple battery charging even when it is still on the bike. All the MIGs will be delivered with two covers for the battery, one black and one red: an easy way to quickly change the look of the bike.

Exclusively designed for e-mtb. This is the smallest and lightest motor on the market, characterized by a very progressive power delivery. Thanks to its compact size, it allows the MIG to boast a very short chain stay and a Q factor (the distance between the outside of one crank arm and the outside of the opposite crank arm) exactly equal to that of a regular mountain-bike crankset, with the same natural feeling. It is compatible with Shimano Di2 shifting system (standard on the MIG Limited Edition range). It also boasts three levels of assistance (Eco, Trail, Boost) and a Power-Walk mode.
All Wheel Drive Electric Fat bike
Christini All Wheel Drive Bicycles (USA) - Christini All Wheel Drive Electric Fat Bike add the traction of AWD on a Fat 5" platform plus a 1000W mid drive to make an unstoppable off road machine!

AWD Performance: It is well known what all wheel drive does for a sport utility vehicle — just imagine what AWD can do for a mountain bike.

With increased traction, available at the flip of a switch you can conquer conditions that you thought were unridable. AWD provides greater control over wet roots and slippery rocks. You can power up steeper, sketchier hills and you’ll stick like glue to side slopes.

The AWD system is so efficient, it is hard to tell whether it is working… until you need it.

With the front drive disengaged, the CHRISTINI AWD handles and feels just like any dialed-in full suspension Mountain Bike. Engage the AWD system and you’ll feel increased control, stability and traction on slippery or loose surfaces.

AWD works whether you’re pedaling or coasting. You will be able to descend with confidence and corner more aggressively due to increased front wheel grip.

How It Works:
The CHRISTINI AWD is equipped with standard mountain biking components. Pedaling, shifting and braking are just like on a traditional bike.

A handlebar-mounted switch controls the AWD “shift on the fly” clutch. When the clutch is engaged, the rear spiral gear interlocks with the rear hub and power is transferred via internal shafts to the forward spiral gear set, which drives the CHRISTINI freehub.

Due to a slight gearing differential, the front wheel is not actively powered on smooth level ground. However, the moment the rear wheel slips, power is instantaneously transferred to the front wheel. Similarly, the moment that the front wheel decelerates, as in hitting a rock or starting to wash out in a corner, power and traction are transferred to the front wheel.

The effect is awesome. Instead of stalling when the rear wheel slips – the front wheel hooks up and you keep climbing. Instead of glancing off a slippery root – the CHRISTINI AWD tracks right over it. Instead of washing out the front end in an off-camber corner – the front wheel literally chews it’s way through the turn. The CHRISTINI AWD is simply the best climbing mountain bike on the market with the amazing downhill benefits too. When a front end tucks, the wheel stalls, stops turning, and begins to push. With the AWD system, as soon as the wheel begins to stall, power is delivered to the front wheel, forcing it to turn. With the front wheel under power, it is nearly impossible to wash out the front end.

With added up hill traction and downhill control, you’ll be amazed at what our bikes can do!
Flebi Soluciones S.L. (Spain) - Flebi Supra is 16" folding, light e-bike really compact and foldable. Its 250W motor let you move effortlessly at high speed in any terrain and slope.

It can be folded in a second and the small retractable wheels system allows to move it like a trolley. It features a 11.6Ah or even 14.4Ah Samsung battery integrated into the frame for a very long range, which is removable so you can bring it back and replace it yourself when its life runs out.

It has a 3-speed Shimano Nexus and is able to support users of almost any weight and height. The definite portable solution for urban areas, commuting as well as nautic and motorhome markets.
Hard Tail Evo
Dyson Bikes (Australia) - Our Hard Tail Evo is the product for riders looking for that extra edge - to their ride, style and attitude!

An e-bike featuring battery in frame for those looking to add style, incredible selection of gears, motor and a powerful 15Ah battery - to ensure every rider gets a great ride every time.

Perfect for trail riding or the urban commute - it's up to you!
Pininfarina E-voluzione
Diavelo (Netherlands) - The limited edition Pininfarina electric bike (88pcs): sporty character and ecofriendly soul.

Evoluzione is innovative from several standpoints. The key word of the project is integration.

Developed from a holistic design philosophy, all the main parts are perfectly integrated in the bike: The battery (patented technology), the German Brose mid-engine, the handlebar and stem, the cockpit, all the cables, is all integrated into the complete design. The advantage of a high level of integration of all components is not only aesthetic but also functional because it means a better weight distribution and balance and a more comfortable and performing ride.

The bikes and parts is most carbon in order to keep the weight under the 15 kg.

The bike is equipped with GPS and electronic shifters. The bike is designed and developed by Diavelo from Accell group.
Electric Wooden Bike
TBK Bike (Spain) - Electric bike handmade in different kind of woods as ash, sapele, wenge, beech, cherry and maple. The different types of wood allow different and exclusive combinations.

Its structure is hollow inside. We calibrated the wood in sheets of 3-20 mm thicknes so we get a real lightness.

We work the wood with artisan techniques, but applying the latest technologies in its treatment to get bikes of real, strength,lightness and beauty.

Electric Kit by Zehus.

Nominated for the Best Bike Trainer 2017

Bkool Smart Pro 2
Bkool S.L. (Spain) - Bkool, the Spanish indoor training company, has unveiled two new turbo trainers, including the newest incarnation of its best best-selling smart turbo trainer, the Bkool Smart Pro 2. Building on the success of the original Smart Pro, and featuring a new, stylish design - the Pro 2 promises an even quieter workout, thanks to a redesigned fan cover. It runs at approximately 68db when rolling at 35kph, weighs in at only 11.6kg and can simulates slopes of up to 20%.

Being the only smart trainers to simulate inertia, the new Bkool range allow riders to enjoy the momentum of flying down slopes, and feel the burn in their legs when pedaling up hills and mountains. This means that the feeling when riding is close to reality, exceeding most high-end trainers. Hot on the heels of the Pro 2 trainer, Bkool have also officially released a teaser for their new direct drive smart trainer, the Smart Air.

The Smart Pro 2 is one of the most aesthetically pleasing options on the market. Compatible with ANT+ and Bluetooth Smart, allowing seamless wireless connectivity. There is no assembly or calibration required, and with the machines made up of two pieces, cyclists can simply plug in and play.

Like previous trainers, they come with a subscription to Bkool’s virtual trainer software, which allows cyclists to ride any route in a virtual environment, 3D racing, real weather scenarios and take part in velodrome games. Riders will also have the ability to customise and analyse any workout on Bkool’s analytical software.

Nominated for the Best Bike Tool 2017

Tall Order Pocket Socket
Tall Order (UK) - Simple multi tool! Basically existing tools are very expensive and complicated. Retailing for between £50 - £60 this tools are often too big, heavy and include items that you rarely need.

The idea of this tool is that you can fix virtually anything on your BMX bike with one simple tool! We had a rider travel the entire globe with no other tool than this in his bag!
Saddle Changer
BikeFit (USA) - The all-new BikeFit Saddle Changer enables a bike fitter or customer to change and adjust the tilt on saddles/seats in a few seconds. With it, the cyclist can test out multiple saddles before deciding on the perfect fit!

The Saddle Changer is compatible with a variety of seat posts, fit bikes, and indoor bikes due to its variable-width rails. Constructed from alloy and stainless parts, the single-arm design provides a rapid, secure lock on each saddle. The user only needs to lift the arm, turn the saddle 90 degrees, and then easily remove it. Each saddle change is estimated between 5 to 10 seconds, not including the tilt feature which allows shops to find the most comfortable tilt angle for the discerning cyclist.

Nominated for the Best Bike Shoes 2017

Lake Cycling (Netherlands) - The MX241 is a culmination of all or our experience, advanced materials and shoe making techniques to make a shoe that offers the best fitting solution for any foot type.

With a heat moldable heel counter and an uniquely designer upper that has enough adjustability to accommodate feet with any instep height or foot volume with out sacrificing comfort.

Outsole is 100% carbon fiber sole with Mountain Race X real rubber sole.

Nominated for the Best Bike Helmet 2017

Lumos Bicycle Helmet
Lumos Helmet (USA) - Lumos is the world's first smart bike helmet with integrated lights, brake, and turn signals.

Over 68,000 people get seriously injured and over 3,000 people die while cycling in the US and EU alone. Most frequent cause of collision, injury, and death? Getting hit by a car. These largely preventable deaths and injuries exact not just a human cost, but an economic one as well, costing an estimated $4bn every year.

By integrating LED lights into the helmet, we developed a device that instantly makes the rider more visible on the road, drastically reducing their chances of getting into a crash. In the event that a crash does occur, the rider still has a fully functioning helmet to protect them from head injuries.

Besides being more visible on the road, we found that being predictable amongst traffic was also very beneficial so we utilized the embedded LED’s and implemented turn signals. Through initial testing, we found that not only was a cyclist wearing the helmet more visible, but they were also commanding more respect amongst motorists on the road as they were now playing by the same rules.
Indra E-bike/speed pedelec helmet
BBB Cycling (Netherlands) - The new and Eurobike award winning Indra Speed pedelec helmet is designed according the new NTA-8776 regulations and is the perfect helmet for people who prefer style and functionality.

With a stylish design and smart Venturi ventilation sysyem, the Indra is the first helmet that is specifically aimed at the needs of e-bikers. Due to higher speeds, especially on pedelecs, safety was of the utmost importance.

Thanks to the Quattro in-mold shell construction, the Indra can absorb 40% more energy than a regular bike helmet. The design provides a wide open view and clearance around the ears, making the helmet perfect for busy city traffic.

Furthermore the Indra has an excellent fit and smart features like a bracket on the back to mount a rear light. On the side of the helmet you will find reflective stickers for extra visibility.

Lastly the helmet is designed to fit better with regular city clothes rather than high performance cycling wear. The Indra is the helmet for every e-biker who has a strong opinion on safety and looks.

Nominated for the Best Bike Handlebar 2017

Farr Barr - Carbon Endurance MTB Handlebar
RideFarr Pty Ltd. (South Africa) - A lightweight carbon handlebar designed specifically for endurance riding.
  • 720mm Wide
  • 9 Degree Rearward Sweep
  • 31.8mm Bore
  • Full Carbon Construction
  • Weight: 165g


Nominated for the Best Bike Wheels 2017

Ares3 - Carbon Clincher
Rolf Prima (USA) - Light, fast & tubeless compatible.

Completely redesigned for 2018, the Ares3 is more than just lightweight and wicked fast. It’s tubeless compatible and has 19mm internal width for wider tires and premium handling. The TdF5.5 hubs feature Enduro Zer0 ceramic bearings and, new for 2018, our T2 High Engagement drive mechanism for even faster engagement. The Ares3 is an ideal for all-around road riding – especially if you live for climbs, bombing descents, and no flats.

New for 2018, the Ares3 Disc takes all the aero benefits of the super light Ares3 and pairs it with the all-weather stopping power of disc brakes.
Black Inc Fifty
Black Inc (Taiwan) - Whether you are sprinting, attacking or climbing, the Black Fifty is the go-to-wheel for most conditions. The Fifty is optimal for everything except for the steepest climbs and the windiest of days. All our professional teams choose this model when they need a wheel that can do exceptionally well on the flat stages, that is also light enough to tackle the high mountain passes.

Our proprietary wide rim profile pierces through the air making it far more aerodynamic than narrower rim profiles. Our manufacturing process ensures that the Fifty has the most amount of possible compliance while being extremely laterally rigid. The Fifty is much faster than most other brand’s deeper section rims. This has been validated through in-house CFD optimization and confirmed in the real world through our collaboration with our pro teams and ex professional test pilots such as David Millar, Ryder Hesjedal and Baden Cooke.

With its unique rim profile, hand built with quality Sapim aero variable thickness spokes and alloy nipples, the Black Fifty is more aerodynamic, durable, comfortable and stable than any other aero wheel on the market.

Offered in both clincher or tubular, rim and disc brake, there is a Black Fifty for any purpose.
U-38 - Carbon Clincher
BRT Bikes (Spain) - High modular 38mm height carbon rim with an internal metal structure which provides optimal mechanical strength and in combination with the 215ºC TG resin treatment it’s the perfect choice to withstand the extreme temperatures created during braking.

In addition, the unique straight hub chases the aerodynamic limits and the support of high end Sapim CX Ray spokes allows you to climb to heaven, survive a suicidal descend and succeed in any kind of sprint…

In summary, the perfect choice if you look for a best in class all terrain wheel…
System 45 Wheels
Williams Cycling (USA) - The System 45 wheels are lightweight, full-featured carbon race wheels with an easy to use clincher design.

The 45mm deep, full carbon rim, provides an aerodynamic advantage for speed and quick acceleration, while our new, proprietary carbon layup offers unprecedented durability and ride quality. Our updated rim utilizes a U-shaped design allowing for enhanced aerodynamics while providing more stable and predictable ride characteristics over previous models.

The carbon clincher rims are mated to Williams Cycling Virgo hubs via Sapim CX Ray spokes. The Virgo hubs feature sealed cartridge bearings with an interchangeable cassette body for use with either SRAM/Shimano or Campagnolo cassettes. They are available with either road or disc specific hubs. The disc hubs come standard with 12mm quick release and 15mm thru axle (front) along with 12 x 135, quick release and 12 x 142 thru axle (rear) end caps
Spike 350 Vibrocore rim wheelset
Spank Industries (Taiwan) - The new Vibrocore™ rims and wheelsets by SPANK Industries


1.“Wide and low profile adds significant radial compliancy.” Against all current market trends, the profile of both the new rims is very low with a 17mm sectional profile height and 35mm outer width, 30.5mm inner width. In laboratory testing, this lower and wider profile is showing around 30% more radial compliancy compared to a more conventional alloy rim of approximately 34.5mm outer width, 30mm inner width and 22mm sectional height.

This added radial compliancy dramatically reduces deflection of the wheel when it hits abrupt obstacles, rutted corners and roots for example. Instead of “jumping” off the intended line, the wheels are able to flex radially and move with the rider’s momentum and the bike’s direction, rather than fight against it. This is often referred to as the wheels “tracking” ability. This forgiving responsiveness will allow riders to start increasing tire pressure again as the wheel will itself contribute towards better traction, improving acceleration and rolling speed, and reducing tire rebound.

2.“New profile increases lateral stiffness and torsional strength.” The shallow to wide profile ratio adds lateral stiffness and torsional strength. So while the radial compliancy allows for more flex, the enhanced lateral stiffness keeps the wheel true. Likewise, torsional strength is enhanced, significantly reducing the likelihood of the wheel buckling, or taco’ing.

With an internal width of 30.5mm, the rim is extremely versatile, fitting tires from 2.0" to 2.6" perfectly, and even allowing + size tire use, without negative squaring off of tire profiles. This means tires act predictably, and cornering traction is more consistent.

The above features and benefits are relevant to both the OOZY 350 as well as the SPIKE 350 Vibrocore™ models being launched. Unique to the SPIKE 350 however, is Spank Industries’ Vibrocore™ damping system.

The SPANK OOZY 350 comes without the Vibrocore™ foam core, which makes it ideal for Trail, All Mountain and Enduro bikes, looking for a wide profile (and improved comfort and traction), without a weight penalty.

3.“Vibrocore™ inner well maximizes torsional strength in a light weight, vibration damping core.” Spank’s Vibrocore™ has been put to the test over the past three years by pro-riders, consumers, reviewers and lab testing alike. Despite skepticism about how much a ‘foam filled bar’ can really improve rider comfort, the results have been undeniably notable, and have been backed by the data and lab results.

Now Spank has applied the same principles to the rim. With the significantly heightened radial compliancy of the new SPANK 350 rim, a direct result of the ratio between the incredibly low sectional profile height and the 35mm width, the engineering objective was first and foremost to ensure strength, torsional and lateral, for the higher demands of DH Race and free ride.

While adding just 40g to the overall weight of the rim, Vibrocore™ foam core increases torsional strength and increases the overall fatigue life of the rim, meaning high durability at a remarkably low weight. In fact, Vibrocore facilitates modern rim designs with thinner wall thicknesses in some areas, without any negative effect on strength and resilience. While acting in a similar fashion to the soft tissue inside human bones – which offers inner wall strength by applying an expansive internal load, Vibrocore™ will also dampen certain vibration frequencies, ultimately meaning less vibration for the fork to deal with, and less to the rider.


Injected into Spank Industries handlebars and now also into the brand NEW SPANK SPIKE 350 VIBROCORE RIM, it reduces vibrations or ‘noise’. The low density, pressurized core performs a similar function to the soft tissue inside bones, increasing inner wall strength and absorbing vibrations.

Initial testing of both new rims with Commencal Riding Addiction and other SPANK athletes have proven drastically improved ride characteristics and performance.
Dream Bikes Kilo Wheels
Dream Bikes (Italy) - Dream Bikes Kilo are the lightest MTB 29er clincher wheels in the world and the only one under 1000 grams weight for the pair!

They're are available in many standards and with many options. They're assembled with 24 or 28 spokes and they're also compatible with Boost standard and with Lefty or RS-1 forks. Althought their impressive weight, kilo wheels are also strong and reliable due their incredible rims... GrigioCarbonio HardWheel RS-L MY2018, who are their greater goal!

They're 29 mm width (26 mm inner) and 25 mm height. Harwheel RS-L 29" rims are compatible with 29" Tubeless or Tubeless Ready tires, latex sealent conversion systems included. HardWheel RS-L rims are monocoque made with super high module T1000 carbon fibre, the most advanced and performable on the market which allows to make products with an incredible weight/stiffness ratio. But the main and more important feature of T1000 fiber is the great elasticy (25% more than T800), so a better impact resistance, less vibrations and a superior comfort...all this is really great for a MTB rim! T1000 carbon fibre is at least 4 times expensive than T700 and T800 carbon fibre (which are usually used to made carbon fibre rims).

HardWheel RS-L rims are incredibly light, only 275 grams each, but due to their top quality materials and manufacturing, they haven't got any rider weight limit and they're lifetime guaranted, and this is really impressive!

Also the hubs are Made in Italy and very light, they comes from Extralite...HyperHubs are the only choice to assemble an ultralight wheelset!

HyperHubs are CNC and fine mechanincs masterpieces. They're made of 7075TXX Aluminum ably machined to obtain smooth and sexy shapes. They've got straight pull flanges for straight pull spokes which allows stronger and stiffer wheels without weakness tipical of j-bend spokes. Rolling action take advantage from the use of Enduro ABEC5 stainless steel sealed bearings; this kind of material assure a longer bearing life also in severe conditions. An external bearings preload system allows to get the perfect side play for the maximum performance (rolling resistance, smoothness and lasting). HyperHubs has got an hyper engineered front engagement system with 36 engagement positions for a fast and smooth action with minimal friction resistance.

Dream Bikes Kilo wheels are laced with Alpina Hyperlite, top end spokes of famous Italian brand. They're double butted (2.0 - 1.3 - 2.0 mm) bladed aero Straight-Pull spokes made of special C45 carbon steel alloy which has major resistance to impact and fatigue than stainlees steel alloys usually used for spokes. Based on the 80 years Alpina's experience, HyperLite spokes are 25% lighter than any other high-end spoke (like Sapim CX-Ray etc.) with an impressive 3.25 gr. weight each.

They're light but also strong and reliable, they can withstand up to 3600 N loads!

Spoke nipples are also made by Alpina with aluminum and they've got hexagonal head with spherical under head for a better fitting with rim holes. These nipples has also got an ABS system, special inserts that avoid spokes loosen

Dream Bikes Kilo wheels are pieces of art and absolutely top level! Their weight is impressive but their performance is more impressive! These wheels are not only incredible fast but also very stiff and super comfortable and of course strong and reliable too! Really not so common for ultralight carbon wheels...

They worth all the money spent! When you will try them you will not be able to stay without them!

Rims, hubs, spokes and wheelbuilding are 100% Made in Italy and we are very proud of this!

Nominated for the Best Pedals 2017

Spoon 90 Pedals
Spank Industries (Taiwan) - SPANK Industries set out to make the perfect pedal for every rider, and the SPOON 90 is a true custom upgrade for our small footed friends!

These size specific SPOON Pedals offer three platform width options for riders of any age or foot size. In line with international shoe sole standards, the SPOON 90 was designed to service riders at US Men size 6 (Euro 39) and under.

This makes SPOON 90 Pedals the perfect solution for younger riders and many women who have compromised ideal support and grip with traditional size flat pedals. Each SPOON pedal sports a 16mm-12mm concave profile lined with 20 steel pins, as well as a forged chromoly axle which delivers the strength and durability SPANK pedals are famous for.

Nominated for the Best Bike Accessory 2017

ORTLIEB Sportartikel GmbH (Germany) - For an expedition, overnighter, or just a micro-adventure, the Seat-Pack reigns. Spacious and waterproof, the Seat-Pack fastens securely to the seatpost and saddle rails of almost any bike. Designed to keep gear dry in any conditions, volume adjusts between 8 L and 16.5 L thanks to the roll closure, and a valve allows air to escape making tight packing easy. A top shock cord panel can hold additional gear or clothing ready for use.

Robust fabrics, custom stiffeners and an optimised strap design ensure the Seat-Pack performs in harsh off road conditions. The Seat-Pack also blocks spray from the rear wheel like a mudguard. Since stability is a key requirement of a saddle-bag, the Seat-Pack uses highly reinforced fabrics and fittings to ensure a secure, movement free fitting to the bike, and also long term durability.

Further features: reflectors, blinky light loops to suit different fill volumes. The Seat-Pack may be mounted to carbon seat posts.
Hexlox Bike Protection
Hexlox - Bike Protection Done Right (Germany) - HEXLOX turns any existing steel hex bolt, on any bicycle into a security bolt, in 3 seconds.

Total protection for Saddles, Wheels and components is now less than a “Hex Tool” away. With the new patented product HexNut, the Hexlox system now also works on any wheel-nuts. With coded keys and the request to display on the Berlin Police “Anti Bike Theft Walls”, the system has also reached a new level of trust. The Hexlox System is aimed at any bike owner who needs to leave their bike – expensive or not, any period of time somewhere. Hexlox makes it possible to truly Protect what you love, once and for all.
Bkool Dual Heart Rate Monitor
Bkool S.L. (Spain) - The dual heart rate monitor is both ANT+ and BLT compatible. Track your workouts and make them more effective. Adjustable to your body size with a simple mechanism to make the strap larger or smaller. Comfortable design that’s flexible and non irritating. The heart rate sensor is detachable so you can wash the strap after a workout.
Revo Via
Flaér (UK) - Few people appreciate how much of their effort is wasted in the chain. It is an integral part of their machine but it is rarely given the attention it needs to keep it operating at its best. Through collaboration with Napier University Sports & Exercise Sciences and heavy investment in chain testing equipment we have identified that between 5 and 10% of a riders energy can be wasted when the chain is not optimised.

Through thorough testing using our chain efficiency tester, 1 of only 3 in the world; followed by real world testing with top athletes, we know our revolutionary new REVO VIA Chain Performance System will provide a significant performance advantage, giving our product its unique selling point in the cycling market. The REVO VIA is the world’s first Chain Performance System for road bicycles, it applies micro-doses of our specially developed VIA FLUID to the chain at set time intervals while you ride, so no matter what the conditions, your chain remains perfectly optimised – all the time. This unique system ensures maximum power transfer to the wheel, smoother gear shifts and a visibly cleaner transmission. The result - you get the most out of the effort you put in. Our extensive testing has shown up to 12 watts in power gains at the wheel – a figure which increases the longer the duration of the ride.

The REVO VIA chain performance system incorporates significant advances in technology, including:
  • The first ever motion sensitive chain performance system
  • The smallest & lightest fully automatic system
  • A unique dispensing attachment that flexibly fits all road rear derailleur mechanisms
  • Specially formulated chain fluid that replaces the need for multiple lubricants
  • Battery powered system giving over 200 hours riding time
  • Multiple mounting options to fit most road bicycles
  • Adjustable flow rate settings, allowing the user to optimise the chains performance
  • Water washable fluid, meaning an easy to clean transmission & components
  • A small discrete unit that houses a reservoir, pump, batteries and control electronics in one complete package.
The REVO VIA has current patent pending status to cover the new technologies outlined above.

We believe this revolutionary new product will change the whole ethos of chain performance; proposing a variation on the traditional method of applying lubricant to your chain before you ride. The REVO VIA enables riders to lubricate their chain whilst they ride, when they really need it!
Cycloc Hero
Cycloc (UK) - The almost invisible bike storage. Versatile, pedal hung system allows bikes to be stored horizontally in left or right orientations. Suitable for clipless or platform pedals.

Discreet wheel rests protect walls from dirt and damage.

Allows multiple bikes to be stored in a tiered installation to save space.
Cycling Case
qué grande ser ciclista ® (Spain) - Cycling case to keep accesories nice and clean.

You can wear it like handbag, case or backpack.It has five flexible compartments and five pockets. Another big pocket with zipper and ventilation screen. Machine washable

Made in Spain.
HideMyBell (Netherlands) - Every proper city bike has a bell, but for a lot of sportive cyclists that thing is a no-go: it looks stupid, it ruins the aerodynamics and hey, the pros don’t ring either! Sounds familiar? Then the HideMyBell is made for you.

It integrates the bell discretely in an out-front handlebar mount for your bike computer.

You don’t see it, but your fellow road users will definitely hear you coming! But the HideMyBell is much more than just a bell.

We also integrated the option for an action cam or a front light with our accesory line.
Wink Bar
Velco (France) - Wink Bar is a smart and connected handlebar that you can control through your smartphone. You can install it on any bike to make any bike smart!

Wink Bar has three main features:
  • A revolutionary GPS navigation based on lights which allows you to get simply guided, keeping your eyes on the road for your safety
  • The built-in GPS allows you to track and find your bike anywhere in the world. An alarm is also integrated to detect theft
  • Wink Bar makes sure that you will always be seen at night. Its powerful headlights switch on automatically depending on the ambient brightness.
Our goal is to offer solutions for cyclists all over the world to make their cycling experience more pleasant and safe. Velco also develops options for professional enterprises such as tour operators, delivery companies and operators for self-service bicycles, who want to provide tailored cycling routes.
TECH K2 Sport Sunglasses
SIROKO (Spain) - SIROKO TECH: High performance, protection and passion for sports.

Developed with 12 layers of polarized TAC lenses, and ultra-tough polycarbonate frames weighing just 28g, these shades exceed the expectations of even the most demanding sportsmen. These shades come with exclusive micro-fibre packaging and pouch, a neoprene sleeve, spare elastics and strap.

Maximum Comfort and resistance for sportsmen: 180º ultra-panoramic screen. TAC polarized HD lenses of category 3 with REVO cover, designed to adapt to any extreme light condition. Full flexibility to suit your activity perfectly. Replaceable ear and nose socks.

Siroko Investigation & Research: K2 is the most advanced collection, developed in Siroko's Investigation & Research laboratory. Our ventilation system -Dry Sky- has been designed to avoid fog and keep humidity off the lenses; even in the most extreme circumstances.
Pedal Plate (pedal adapter)
Pedal Plate (Netherlands) - Many of us own beautiful road bikes, that we don’t use as often as we want to. That’s a shame. The Pedal Plate is a simple solution for you to convert your road bikes pedals for use with normal shoes for commuting, short rides or holidays.

The Pedal Plates prove that innovation doesn’t have to be complex. A Pedal Plate is a one-piece-adapter that is easy to insert and release. In all its simplicity it’s the only available solution that is light, compact and you don’t need additional cleats for. That way you don’t have a bulky style-breaker on your bike and the pedals won’t hang upside down. Keeping it simple also keeps it affordable.

The range for now contains Pedal Plates for both the Shimano SPD-SL and the Look Keo pedal systems, which have similar principals. It is the solution for that type of pedals, that was patented and currently more Pedal Plate models for other brands are under construction.
Norman duffle bag for road bike cyclists
Vincita Company Limited (Thailand) - This innovative duffel bag is designed especially for road cyclists. A highly organized bag made to carry everyday gear. The detachable waterproof lining can be taken out to clean to eliminate the odor. The first aid pouch can be taken out fast when needed.

  • Tarpaulin (Waterproof Fabric)
  • Water-resistant Cordura fabric
  • EVA foam
  • Fidlock magnetic locking system
  • Less scratched velcro
  • Easy to use large zipper
  • Highly organized bag with separate compartments to accommodate everything from shoes to dirty laundry.
  • Bright interior to find things faster.
  • Cleanliness builds comfort and confidence. The lining is completely washable. Once it is removed from the bag, wipe it clean to eliminate odor from sweaty clothes.
  • The magnetic first aid pouch which can be taken out fast when needed for safety reason. Always be ready for anything when you are on the road.
  • Width 39 cm
  • Depth 25 cm
  • Height 23 cm
  • Volume 22.4 L
  • Weight 1.62 kg

MAT - Magnetic Assisted Tap
SITAEL S.p.A. (Italy) - Embedding SITAEL’s ESB electronics, MAT is the first deep integrated IoT solution that connects the most used e-bike systems and smartphones in a wireless way.

For the first time, a docking station is based on a proprietary magnetic technology and provides a total control of the vehicle with one single gesture, enabling the smartphone to be used as bike key and bike display in a steady and secure manner.

Without requiring special smartphone covers, but only using small metal layers and the combination of NFC, Bluetooth and iBeacon technology, the vehicle is automatically activated and connected to a cloud platform via a simple tap, one single magical and natural gesture that brings the e-bike alive.

The MAT is composed of ABS material, that provides resistance to water (IP65 waterproof) and extreme temperatures (-20°C, +85°C) combined with a light weight. The materials used guarantee the protection of the electronics contained in the case: USB and wireless charge and backup battery, magnets and GPS/GPRS antennas, and also Daytime Running Lights.

The proprietary magnetic technology of the MAT uses four small magnets and some thin metal layers to be inserted in any smartphone cover, the magnets have been tested and are safe for every smartphone components. Moreover, the MAT has been tested with a certified shaker instrument and supports vibrations up to 6g-force and vertical shocks up to 70g-force registered on the smartphone. Therefore, it guarantees high performance and secure use in every context, even during extreme off-road mountain bike rides.

The software side of the system includes ESB web-based platform for the back-end management of connected e-bikes and an end-user free App available for iOS and Android devices.

In addition to the smooth and frictionless usage, the MAT combined with the smartphone app provides the user with extraordinary and unique features:
  • Magnetic holder & USB or Wireless charge/li>
  • GPS/GPRS-based Anti-theft system/li>
  • Geolocation & turn-by-turn navigation system specifically designed for bike routes/li>
  • Remote diagnosis & support/li>
  • Advanced e-bike & trip data/li>
  • "Peer-to-peer" private bike-sharing/li>
  • Enhanced vehicle control in real time/li>
  • Real-time support and predictive maintenance notifications to preserve the vehicle from the wrong usage/li>
  • Customized fine-tuning of motor set-up/li>
  • Handlebar Remote Controller with e-bell, assist level change and status LEDs/li>
  • Smart LOCK and extender cable to increase bike security at the maximum level
The Lock and its extender cable are a smart locking solution working with no keys, representing a complete, usable and safe answer for end-users bike security needs. It is ready to be integrated also in free floating bike-sharing systems, from "peer-to-peer" sharing among private users to both business or governmental fleet management. The possibility for a user to park his bike and share or rent it to other users introduces a new and dynamic concept of e-bike riding in accordance with the latest trends about share and trust economies.

MAT is the state-of-the-art technology that transforms e-bikes into smart vehicles. All its features are available in one single, natural and frictionless gesture to connect, unlock, drive and protect the e-bike, thus providing the user with a completely new riding experience.

Watch the VIDEO at http://www.esb.bike/mat/

Nominated for the Best Bike Apparel 2017

Race EVO Biking Shirt
X-BIONIC (Switzerland) - MORE POWER. LESS WEIGHT. The lightest X-BIONIC® biking shirt in the world.

Thanks to the lightweight strategy, the Biking Race EVO products weigh up to 36% less than their predecessors. Perfect for long training sessions or endurance competitions. Hobby cyclists as well as endurance specialists experience perfect cooling in this extremely lightweight and technical clothing.

The best line for those who prefer the lightweight strategy, but do not want to miss out on functionality. Less weight for more efficiency and performance. The Race EVO wear impresses with special yarn and the maximized cooling area without reducing the performance of the technologies. The Biking Race EVO shirt is packed with patented technologies for sophisticated sweat management. The flexible form-fit guarantees excellent freedom of movement without constricting.
RaceThermo Hi-Vis
GripGrab (Denmark) - The RaceThermo incorporate the EUROBIKE Award winning technology; IntelliSeal™. An ingenious technology that greatly enhances the durability, fit and water resistance of shoe covers.

The RaceThermo is made from 4 mm waterproof neoprene It protects your feet from dirt and sprays when riding in wet and cold conditions.

The RaceThermo shoe cover is featuring the new zipperless shoe cover design, that gives a perfect and snug fit around the shoe and calf, so water is kept out from the top and preventing water from penetrating through a zipper.

The RaceThermo shoe cover gives that racing look while effectively shielding your feet and shoes from the elements.

Recommended for road shoes. Compatible with most types of pedal systems.
X-SOCKS® Biking Pro
X-SOCKS (Switzerland) - TOUGH PERFORMANCE. STRONG ACHIEVEMENT. Technical, stylish, lightweight: the same characteristics as a performance road bike.

X-SOCKS® meets the requirements of professional riders 100%. The black front section connects directly to the wide-mesh AirConditioning® Channel. Together with the Traverse AirFlow Channel System™ it ensures a supply of fresh air under the soles. Finely woven, but extremely durable. Special protectors are fitted at areas subject to increased wear.

Maximum power transfer combined with optimal protection: perfect for tough races.
Classic Merino Wool Polo Shirt
Après Vélo (Australia) - Wear your heart on your sleeve with this Classic Polo for all occasions, including meetings with Heads of State. Feel as good wearing it as the sheep did making it.

DESCRIPTION: Semi Fitted 3 button polo top with feature pocket and sleevepanel detailing.

FEATURES: Contrast colour back neck and placket facing , embroidered pocket and contrast colour sleeve panel with embroidery.

FABRIC: 100% MERINO WOOL jersey. Its super soft, non-itch, its warm in thecold and cool in the heat. It breathes to prevent clamminess and whats more is machine washable.
The Crossroads Jersey
Vellow Bike Apparel (Canada) - Made in Europe, the Crossroads jersey combines a blend of premium Italian performance fabrics that offer excellent elasticity and optimum breathability guaranteeing the right body temperature while keeping you dry. Fabrics are lab-tested for their aerodynamic properties, as well as durability for how well they tolerate rubbing and snagging.

  • Raglan sleeves are designed with soft, elastane microfiber to ensure the sleeve stays in place without restricting your movement
  • Bi-elastic mesh insert under the arm regulates body temperature
  • Full-length covered YKK™ camlock zipper and zipper garage
  • Three ample back pockets
  • Zippered side pocket with reflective piping and a water-resistant lining to protect your valuables from the elements
  • Silicon elastic gripper at waist

ProViz Nightrider LED Cycling Jacket
ProViz (UK) - The Nightrider LED cycling jacket is a new addition to the Nightrider range, and it is the first to incorporate machine washable LED lights into the jacket to aid with visibility at night and early morning.

The jacket has three white LED lights on each forearm, and five red LED lights on the lower back. The lights are powered by a small USB rechargeable battery pack housed in a tailored inside pocket. The battery pack is operated from the outside (so no need to unzip the jacket) with a touch of a button that allows you to choose from three different lighting modes; flash, fast flash and constant.

Aside from the LED lights, the jacket is designed to have a fitted cut, and it is manufactured from comfortable polyester pongee material for breathability and waterproofing. The jacket also has an inside soft-touch mesh for added comfort along with multiple pockets, underarm zipped and shoulder vents, adjustable cuffs, reflective panels and waterproof zippers.

Nominated for the Best Bike Software 2017

Bkool Simulator
Bkool S.L. (Spain) - Bkool is a pioneer in 3D simulation. Last August it presented the first and only simulator capable of recreating any route on the planet, in 3D, from the most remote corner of China to the most cosmopolitan city in Europe or the United States.

Exact reproduction. As the cyclist pedals at home, the simulator transmits to him the features of the terrain through the trainer. Thus, if in the real world there is a climb, or a descent, the user will really feel it, as if he were right there. The simulator also depicts the landscape, in 3D, with the rivers, trees and rocks typical of the area. This is possible because the simulator "knows" the landscape of every place in the world, providing users with an extremely realistic experience.

When the cyclist selects a route Bkool 3D RealWeather™ simulates its meteorological conditions, and in 3D. The weather phenomena are depicted in real time, and cover every route in the world. This advance represents a breakthrough in virtual simulation, making possible extremely realistic virtual scenarios. This new development is launched applied to the practice of cycling, but it will be progressively expanded to other sports and multiple fields, like video games and driver's training.

Exact reproduction. If the user chooses a route through London and it's raining, the simulator will depict the rain, with drops hitting the asphalt. If he opts for a route in New York and it's snowing, the simulator will portray the snow. If it's windy in Tokyo, blowing at a certain speed and from a certain direction, the user will feel it pushing or pulling him. If there is fog, it will appear on the simulator, affecting his view of the road. If there is a storm, lightning will illuminate the scene. If the day is cloudy the landscape on the simulator will be darkened by the clouds. Bkool 3D RealWeather™ also reproduces the time of day: the simulator portrays the light conditions at dawn, in the morning, at dusk, and at night.
Foot Fit Calculator
BikeFit (USA) - The Foot Fit Calculator allows cyclists to customize the fit of their bicycle shoes to their pedals. The application walks users through the process of figuring out the ideal pedal-to-foot connection angle and then recommends a solution to optimize foot fit. Users will need a friend to help take the pictures and the application will do the rest!

Through an easy and simple procedure, the app guides users through measuring foot tilt. The interface aids the user in to position, kneeling comfortably a couch or chair away from the person measuring their feet (with their knees slightly apart and legs hanging over the chair or bench). Next, the user only needs to have a friend take a quick picture, position the red line as explained in the directions, and then they are provided with the recommended number of Cleat Wedges needed to customize the fit of their foot.

Nominated for the Best Bike Component 2017

Ninja Bottom Bracket
TOKEN (Taiwan) - The NINJA bottom bracket ties the right and left side bearings together so your cranks spin as smooth and your frame is as quiet as a ninja and stiffer than your legs after climbing 10 000m in a day on a fixed-gear bike!

We don’t want to start a fight but we think it’s fair to claim that there are some problems with press fit bottom brackets. They creak, don’t last all that long and are installed and removed with tools that cavemen would recognise. TOKEN’s NINJA bottom bracket solves the creaking issues, improves bearing life and adds stiffness to the bottom bracket.

We start with our Fusion technology; it is a combination of plastic and fibre that cover an alloy bottom bracket shell. The composite material allows it to be precisely machined and fit snugly in the frame so it doesn’t move in the frame and sound like grandma’s clicking and creaking arthritic knees. But plastic and fibre don’t do a good job of supporting bearings; poorly supported bearings can wear prematurely.

We house the bearings in an alloy shell and wrap it with plastic and fibre. This fusion of the three materials provides the bearings a solid platform to sit on and extends their lives. A lot of people would be satisfied with this, but we went even further by extending the alloy shell so the right and left sides lock together. This locks the frame, cranks and bottom bracket together and provides unparalleled stiffness.

The NINJA bottom bracket is can be purchased individually or in a package that includes adapters to fit several different frame and crankset combinations. Both of these come with specially made tools that precisely fit the bottom bracket and keep your frame safe from damage during installation.

The NINJA bottom bracket doesn’t just solve the problem of noisy bottom brackets - it actually improves the life of the bottom bracket and makes your bike stiffer. There aren’t many times a replacement part actually improves your bike but put one on your bike and you’ll wonder why you didn’t install a NINJA sooner.
Vans x Cult Waffle Grip
CULT (USA) - After wearing Vans for most of our lives, we wanted to see if the Vans waffle pattern would work as well with our hands as it has with our feet.

The grip was designed by Cult and sent to ODI for production. Using their proprietary rubber compound, we have created a grip that we hope will become as much of a classic as a pair of Vans.

Proudly made in the USA by ODI...
Gates Carbon Drive
Gates Carbon Drive (USA) - Created by Gates Corporation, a global leader in belt drive technologies, Gates Carbon Drive is the best high-mileage bicycle drive on the market. Whether you’re an urban commuter, rugged mountain biker, eBike rider, or casual cruiser, Gates Carbon Drive has a solution.

Choose from our CDX™ High-Performance or our CDN™ Urban products—each offering specialized sprockets, belts, and cranksets.

Grease-free, rust-free, and hassle-free. Revolutionary indeed.
Black Inc Stem
Black Inc (Taiwan) - Our signature carbon fiber stem should only be used for those that only want to treat themselves to the best.

With its unique reverse bolt faceplate design matched with titanium hardware throughout the entire assembly, this stem was made by professionals who only demand only the best.
Oversized pulley wheels system
CyclingCeramic (France) - By upgrading size of pulley wheels, we help t o decrease 2 to 5 watts compared to standard pulley wheels.

Nominated for the Best Bike Computer 2017

Nominated for the Best Bike Tire 2017

Nominated for the Best Bike Saddle 2017

Nominated for the Best Bike Seatpost 2017

Nominated for the Best Suspension/Shock 2017

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