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Company Main Products
GripGrab (Denmark) GripGrab (Denmark): Cycling and running gloves, warmers, socks and headwear, cycling shoe covers, ...

Company Profile

GripGrab is a Danish high-end brand, founded in 2000 by the three Krøyer brothers Kristian, Bjørn and Martin and is based on a passion for cycling and running and the dream of building a brand of products that make these sports enjoyable no matter how cold, wet or windy it is. Great quality accessories make the difference between being too hot, or too cold, between being wet or dry, aerodynamic or flappy and between being seen or not seen.
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Bkool (Spain) Bkool (Spain): Cycling Simulators, Cycling Trainers, Sensors, Accessories...

Company Profile

Bkool is a technology company that creates interactive and innovative solutions for sports and videogaming in the field of cycling, it has developed the most advanced trainer and simulator. The simulator lets cyclists ride any route in the world in 3D alongside other cyclists in different places connected in real time.
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BRT Bikes (Spain) BRT Bikes (Spain): High end carbon bicycles and wheels for road and triathlon.

Company Profile

BRT Bikes is a Spanish/Swiss company, specialized on high end carbon bicycles and wheels for road and triathlon.

Passion is what drives our future and inspires our new creations, offering a unique cycling experience at a fair price
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Pedal Plate (Netherlands) Pedal Plate (Netherlands): Pedal Plates for Road Pedals.

Company Profile

Many of us own beautiful road bikes that we don’t use as often as we want to. That’s a shame. The Pedal Plate is a simple solution for you to convert your road bikes pedals for use with normal shoes for commuting, short rides or holidays.

The Pedal Plates prove that innovation doesn’t have to be complex. A Pedal Plate is a one-piece-adapter that is easy to insert and release. In all its simplicity it’s the only available solution that is light, compact and you don’t need additional cleats for. That way you don’t have a bulky style-breaker on your bike and the pedals won’t hang upside down. Keeping it simple also keeps it affordable.
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Vincita Company Limited (Thailand) Vincita Company Limited (Thailand): Cycling Bags, Handlebar Bags, Frame Bags, Saddle Bags, Panniers, Rack Bags, Transport Bags, Bike Accessories...

Company Profile

Founded in 1987, Vincita is a Bangkok-based company dedicated to making modern and practical cycling bags.

Yingsak Sinhaseni, the founder of the company constantly innovates to make better bike bags to meet the needs of the diverse cyclist. He began making prototypes and having it tested by many adventurous cyclists. Also providing jobs for a small community of underprivileged women in Thailand. His ethical way of running the business is now being passed on to the next generation.
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