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Niner Introduces new colors for RIP 9 RDO, JET 9 RDO, RLT 9 RDO and RLT 9 Steel and more…

Niner (USA) – Press Release: At Niner, we work to make the lives of riders a little bit easier and a little more colorful. On the easy front, we’ve updated our trail bikes, the JET 9 RDO and the RIP 9 RDO with internal guide tubes to make cable and housing installation much easier. And on the colorful front, we’ve mixed things up a little bit with a little orange, a little green and a little blue.

The JET 9 RDO in Orange (Also available in Stealth Black).

The RLT 9 RDO in Cement/Cyan (Also available in Satin Carbon/Orange).

The RLT 9 Steel in Oranga-Tan.

For more information about the New Color Options for Trail and Gravel Bikes from Niner click here.

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